Meet 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Meet tries to call Meet Ahlawat for help


Meet 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet trying to run away with the Lakhsmi idol but gets caught by Ram, Ragini and Barfi. Barfi says they need to lock Manjari in a room so that she can’t stop the wedding. She closes Meet’s mouth with a cloth and ties up her hands. She tells Meet that she handled many people like her so she can’t control her. Meet struggles to free herself but they take her to the store room.

Meet gets restless and Ragini tells her to not create any problems further else it will be bad for her only. She says if Manjari obeyed her this wouldn’t have happened to her. Barfi hits Meet’s head with a vase and the latter falls unconscious. Ragini gets scared and Barfi says Manjari didn’t die but they will put her in a box so that noone learns she is locked here. They leave the room after putting unconscious Meet in the box.

Barfi tells the priest to not waste time behind counting the ingredients but he should start reading the mantra for wedding fast. Isha comes downstairs in bridal get up. She sits beside Deep and Raj says they should wait for Meet’s arrival. Barfi says but this is the good muhurat for wedding. They can’t miss it.

 Ram and Ragini also support Barfi saying they should start the marriage rituals. Meet will also not like if the Muhurat gets over. Ragini lies that she sent Meet to bring silver coins which will be given to Isha and Deep after marriage. Raj finds it weird and says how can she send Meet for that. However he permits to start the marriage rituals.

Meet Ahlawat notices Isha is finding it difficult to sit in the mandap so he tells Tej he is going to bring stool for her in store room. He goes there and Meet tries to open the box after gaining consciousness. She feels stuck for being claustrophobic. She hits the box and Meet Ahlawat takes the stool. She tries to gain his attention by making noise but before he could check Ram calls him. Ram recalls how he heard that Meet Ahlawat is going to store room. He takes Meet Ahlawat from there. Deep and Isha exchange garlands and Raj misses Meet’s presence.

 Manushi thinks why did Manjari go out all of a sudden. Raj says atleast they can wait for Meet before the pheras begin. Barfi thinks this wedding should be over anyhow. Raj says this is not right as Meet supported Deep and Isha’s relationship from day one so her presence here is important. Raj falls sick and everyone tells him to take rest. Raj says when Meet will come they will inform him first. Barfi thinks she will decide when Manjari will come here. Ragini hopes that Manjari is fine.

Meet Ahlawat goes to call Manjari and he hears her phone ringtone near him. He finds the purse on ground and then he also finds the latkan of Manjari’s dress. He recognises it and thinks why these are here. He hears the same noise coming from the box which is present in the store room. Meet keeps trying to come out of the box.

Episode ends

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