Meet 3rd February 2023 Written Update: SP Bhati lies to Meet


Meet 3rd February 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Gunvanthi tying Molki like she ties a buffalo. The whole Sarkar family laughs at Molki seeing this. SP Bhati sees that Manmeet’s both hands are fine and also gets to know that Manmeet is Sarkar’s son. Sarkar says to Manmeet that if he brings Meet to his house then he will make sure that she is treated exactly like this.

Meet reaches the police station but she doesn’t find him and calls SP Bhati. SP Bhati says after he saw the whole footage he didn’t find anything useful and says she can leave. Meet says as she came here she will atleast see the footage. SP Bhati is shown to be captured by Manmeet and Sarkar’s men. SP Bhati says to Meet that the footage is in the computer and he can’t share the password with her as there is other confidential information in the computer. SP Bhati cuts the call. Sarkar’s men take the phone from SP Bhati. Meet thinks something is suspicious as SP Bhati called her to come urgently and he is not here. Manmeet teases SP Bhati and tells him how he found the spy camera. Manmeet goes to Narendra and sees that his locket is not right and checks that there is camera inserted in it and understood that Meet and SP Bhati might have done it. Manmeet says to SP Bhati that Meet will know the truth after he marries her. SP Bhati comments on it. Manmeet says he is going to destroy Meet’s life and if anyone comes in his way then he is also going to kill them. Manmeet asks Bhadri to take care of SP Bhati. Manmeet thinks he has to find out what is Meet’s next move to be prepared.

Manmeet calls Meet and asks if her if she is thinking about him as she is not sleeping at this time. Meet thinks she shouldn’t tell Manmeet about Sarkar as even she doesn’t have the whole story. Meet says even she doesn’t know why she is not able to sleep. Manmeet says there is no problem as he is here. Manmeet sings a song to help Meet sleep. Meet asks Manmeet to stop singing and teases Manmeet as he is singing out of tune. Manmeet asks Meet to sing to hear her song. Meet recalls about Meet Ahlawat and sings a song. Manmeet hearing Meet’s song falls asleep. Meet hears Manmeet’s snoring and cuts the call.

Babita asks Ragini if Meet is ready or not? Ragini says yes. Ragini asks Babita how is Meet? Meet takes Raj and Babita’s blessings.

Yashoda video calls Manmeet and says to him that if she was there then she would have applied Kaala Tika to him. Manmeet says there is no need and says within a few hours he is going to bring her enemy to her. Raj says to Meet how he is feeling as he is going to send her away. Yashoda praises Manmeet and asks Manmeet to drag Meet while holding her hair. Meet also says to Raj how she feels as she is leaving them. Manmeet takes Yashoda’s blessings and cuts the call.

Episode ends.

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