Meet 4th August 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat cancels Deep and Isha’s wedding


Meet 4th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat going to store room to help Meet come out of the box. He unties Meet and asks her what happened? She explains everything to him that what Barfi is doing to Isha and how she asked for dowry from Ram and Ragini. They are not in the state to go against Barfi so they are accepting her demands silently. Meet tells Meet Ahlawat to stop the wedding else Isha’s life will be ruined forever. He has to save his sister. Meet Ahlawat recalls Meet’s words how she told him to save Isha from Shanty last time. Meet Ahlawat stops the wedding and goes to Deep.

He questions Deep whether the latter is marrying Isha because he loves her or he is marrying her just because of huge dowry. Deep stands shocked hearing that. He says he loves Isha more than anything, why would he demand things to marry her? Meet Ahlawat asks him if he knows that Barfi told Isha’s parents to give dowry. Deep says he has no idea. Meet Ahlawat says not just expensive jewels but Barfi asked for the Lakshmi idol given by Priest to Raj. He adds they are not going to give any dowry to Barfi if she agrees to accept Isha without that then Isha and Deep can take pheras otherwise not. Meet Ahlawat tells Deep to question his mother. Barfi says Deep never raised his voice on his mother so this time also he will listen to her.

Barfi adds she will bring much better bride for Deep, he doesn’t need to marry Isha whom her first husband left. Deep has better options than her. Meet Ahlawat says he respects his childhood friend’s mother else he would have filed complaint against her for mentally torturing Ram and Ragini like that. He says if Barfi is not ready to accept Isha without dowry then she may leave with her obedient son. Meet consoles crying Isha saying she is doing it for her own good only. She can’t see Isha suffering due to dowry issues. She is speaking up against an evil custom which kills lots of women. She says if Isha supports this then her whole family will suffer and Barfi will increase the demands. Manushi gets irked and thinks she told Manjari not to save Isha but still she did. Manushi decides to cancel the deal.

Barfi leaves with Deep and Ram Ragini go behind her to stop her. They plead her saying Isha is waiting to get married to Deep. She should not leave like that. Barfi says now they can’t do anything. Ram and Ragini try to convince Meet Ahlawat saying its about Isha’s happiness. Deep and Isha love each other. Meet Ahlawat says he knows that too but he can’t support the wrong thing. This is not a wedding but a deal which Barfi is doing.

Isha will enter the darkness again which she faced last time after marrying Shanty. They felt Shanty is right for her but he was not. This time also they are doing the same mistake. He tells them to not think about the society or they should not get emotional. But they should think about Isha’s future. He wants to see her smiling but she will suffer only if they accept Barfi’s demands. He says Manjari told him the truth on right time otherwise he wouldn’t have saved Isha.

Ram blames Manjari and says just because of this outsider Meet Ahlawat is cancelling his sister’s wedding. Meet Ahlawat says Manjari is right so he is supporting her. Ragini says Meet Ahlawat is talking about right or wrong over Isha’s happiness because Isha is not his own sister. Meet Ahlawat gets shocked to hear that. Barfi enjoys the drama and thinks she will now make sure Manjari leaves the house and she will easily destroy Ahlawat family.

Episode ends

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