Meet 4th June 2022 Written Update: Shanty scares Isha in front of Ahlawats


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The episode starts with Isha giving dark chocolate to Meet and Babita tells Meet not to eat anything black or dark, this is what Babita’s mother in law also told her. Meet Ahlawat comes and talks to person about business and Meet says she feels proud of him as he is handling Raj’s business really well. Meet gets a call from the police station and Babita switches off the phone saying Meet has taken leaves for two days so she won’t get involved in inspector’s duty.

Babita tells Meet to get ready for the Hawan and also she will perform the aarti of Guruji and his followers. It’s a good omen. Shanty comes to Ahlawat Mansion in disguise and Ahlawats welcome them. Shanty doesn’t speak and his men say that he is doing maun vrat. Meet performs his aarti and Babita tells him to bless Meet and her child. Shanty thinks he is here to avenge Meet and he will destroy her happiness.

Shanty gets inside the house and sits on couch. Isha comes with some Hawan ingredients and he stares at her angrily. He knowingly throws a cockroach at her and she drops the pot of water. She screams and recalls how Shanty also gifted her a cockroach during their first night. Meet takes her aside and asks her what’s wrong. Isha panics saying it reminded her of Shanty and she fears what if he comes back in her life again. Meet says Shanty is in jail, he won’t come back. Tej shows Shanty his room and says if he needs anything he can tell him. Shanty thinks he missed drinking alcohol. He closes the door and tells his recruits to execute their plan. He plans to electrocute Meet and his men will create short circuit everywhere.

Meet drops her earring by mistake and tries to pick it up but Meet Ahlawat stops her from doing so. He says she won’t bend down as he is here at all kind of services for her. He bends down and tries to take the earring under the couch. He gets stuck and Meet enjoys watching him like that. He seeks her help and she pulls his legs to get him out. He gives her the earring and she leaves without thanking him and he gets irked.

Babita sees two constables have come to talk to Meet. Babita says she won’t allow them to talk to Meet as she is on her leave. They request her saying they have something urgent to talk about but Babita sends them back saying Meet will call them later but not now. Those constables talk about Shanty escaped from jail. But they don’t have enough proof. Shanty notices them and gets scared thinking they might inform Meet about him. Meet is about to go out and Babita stops her thinking she may meet those constables and Babita says she will do Meet’s work so the latter doesn’t need to go out of the house. She should take rest.

Meet drops her hairbrush and then she takes it out by not bending down. Meet Ahlawat gets impressed seeing her intelligence. He checks her feet to see if there’s any swelling. She says noone in the family is letting her do any household work. So how will she fall sick. He says when she will give birth to the kid then she will be busy all the time. She teases him by throwing pillow at him.

Meet sits for Hawan with her husband. Babita tries to put kala teeks on her face. Meet says why she is applying kala teeka as it’s also black, when they dont want her child to be black then why to use black teeka, but the teeka should be white. Babita gets her point and says it’s not necessary to follow every words of their ancestors. But Meet can eat dark chocolates, drink black tea from now. Meet says skin tone doesn’t matter but her child should be a good human being first.

Episode ends

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