Meet 4th March 2022 Written Update: Meet and Meet arranges a party to expose Hawa Singh


Meet 4th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amma Ji asking Anubha to send deliveries by calling the delivery boy. Meet comes there and tells them she will become their delivery person and she twirls Amma Ji. Ammaji asks her to take care of deliveries and she goes to take a rest. Meet sees her Dad photo. She asks Anubha what Ashok talked to her the last time on the day when he died. Anubha says that day he didn’t meet me as he have night duty.

Meet asks when he met her in the last time. Anubha says I met him in the night as he has a habit of taking coffee to him and his friends. Meet thinks Dodu ram is correct and there is no connection between Tej Bhai and Dad’s death. Anubha says that day he didn’t take a coffee flask but he sent constable Hawa Singh to take coffee and he didn’t see me and leave from there without talking to me and I heard someone is missing in a wireless phone. Meet consoles her.

Anubha asks her to forget the old things and she goes to take care of Amma Ji. Meet thinks Tej Bhai got missed on the same day and this matter is deeper than I thought. Meet stands near her Dad’s smarak post and she thinks her Dad promise that he never ignores his family responsibilities for his duty and she thinks to find the secret Hawa Singh is hiding from them. She calls her friend and asks him to find the history of Hawa Singh.

Duggu asks Masoom to prepare him pasta as he is hungry. Sunaina tells him he will prepare him after taking nap. Duggu leaves saying he will ask Meet or Sunaina as they love me and he leaves. Masoom gets an idea and tells her husband that Duggu will get Tej’s share of the property if they adopt him. Hoshiyar says we have one son so don’t spoil our lives in your desire.

Meet sees Hawa Singh closed the Tej’s case telling it’s a matter of a couple issues. She created a board and thinks Tej missing and her Dad murder are connected to Hawa Singh. Meet Ahlawat comes to the room asks if everything is fine. Meet closes the door and tells him nothing is correct and she shares her doubts with him and tells him she has a plan to find the truth. Meet Ahlawat assures her to support her and asks her to tell what’s her plan.

Later Meet and Meet tells family members that they are planning to arrange a party for Tej’s recovery calling people who are responsible for his return i.e Police and Doctors. Family members agree. Meet comes to Hawa Singh and invites him to the Tej party. Hawa Singh denies saying he doesn’t get time. Meet says you’re calling me daughter so you have to participate in our happiness do you have to attend otherwise I won’t talk with you. Hawa Singh agrees to attend the party. They leave. Meet tells Meet that she will make Hawa Singh reveal the truth at the party.

Episode ends.

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