Meet 4th March 2023 Written Update: Sarkar’s money is stolen


Meet 4th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Meet wonders how can she fail. She cries in disbelief. Yashoda offers her handkerchief. She reveals that she was aware of Meet’s plot. She shows her the documents and asks her to take it. She asks Meet to get out of her house. She informs her that she saved the documents from getting burned. She says that she had to do this so that Meet can go away from Manmeet’s life and he can be at peace. She wants Manmeet to marry Shagun and settle with her. She reveals that Manmeet can go to any extent if Meet defeats him by fluke. She says that she longed to see Manmeet for years as he had to go away from her in childhood. She says that she won’t let Manmeet feel anymore pain because of Meet. She orders Meet to leave the house before sunrise.

Meet asks what Yashoda will do when Sarkar or others will learn about the matter. Yashoda says that she is ready to bear anything and everything for Meet’s happiness. She asks Meet to not worry for her and leave as early as possible. Yashoda leaves. Meet looks at the documents and says that today her mission is accomplished. Yashoda is confronted by Sarkar. He asks her where she is coming back from. He informs Yashoda that Chaudhary and his family is coming for Meghna’s alliance. Yashoda asks him why an alliance for Meghna all of a sudden. Sarkar says that Meet wants Meghna to complete her education and he wants to stop it. Sarkar leaves. Yashoda hopes that he will forgive her for her deeds.

Narendra gives money to Swapna and asks her to be ready for revolt. He says that nothing is more important for him than her and their baby. Imarti arranges money to bribe Gunni. Sundari plans to leave the house secretly at night to meet Anuja in the hospital. Yashoda, Narendra, Imarti, Sundari wait for the night to get over. Sarkar orders his man to shut all the doors and windows. Sarkar summons all the members immediately. Meet fails to step out of the house. She is asked to come inside along with all the other ladies. Sarkar informs Yashoda that his money got stolen from the safe.

Yashoda gets shocked. Sarkar says that he feels that someone from the house has stolen the money. Manmeet asks why a family member will steal the money as they don’t lack anything. Sarkar says that none has come from outside. He orders to search everyone’s belongings. He warns the guilty to get ready for punishment. Narendra and Imarti wonder what if they lose the ammount which they managed to gather with a lot of difficulty. Sundari gets relieved as Anuja has already left for the hospital.

Yashoda thinks that she has to do something so that Meet doesn’t get caught with the factory papers. Yashoda defends her family. Sarkar asks the offender to admit his/crime. Everyone remains silent. Sarkar says that there will be a search operation. Shagun says that Meet is an outsider. Sarkar says that he doubts Meet too. He orders to search her belongings. Yashoda gets tensed. Meet says that she is innocent. Shagun starts searching her clothes. Yashoda stops Shagun saying that she will search Meet. The episode ends.

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