Meet 5th July 2022 Written Update: Manjiri refuses to cut her hair like Meet


Meet 5th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts Manjiri is sitting on chair and preparing herself for the makeover to become Meet. One beautician comes with scissor and tries to cut her hair but she gets shocked. She immediately refuses to cut her long hair but everyone tries to convince her saying when she will meet Raj she will have to look like Meet otherwise there’s no point. Meet Ahlawat also scolds Manjiri and tells the beautician to do her job. Manjiri is adamant and there Hosiyar tells Popatrani to convince Manjiri as per their deal. He gives her extra two thousand rupee notes. She tries to convince Manjiri.

Ahlawats discuss in the hall that they felt like Manjiri was Meet only as the way she was addressing them by those exact names Meet used to call them. Tej says she called him friend just like Meet used to say. Babita says Manjiri was demanding designer dresses as if she is Meet who is trying to impress her. Isha says she also feels the same. Manjiri gets restless and loses her calm. She says she will never allow them to cut her long beautiful hair which she has grown with lot of patience and care. She can’t lose that easily. She tells Popatrani to leave as she can’t accept this demand of Meet Ahlawat. He gets angry and she says she will even kill herself if they force her.

Meet Ahlawat sends away the beautician and calms her down. He then tells Manjiri about Meet and Raj’s relation. How he taught her to make tea and he loves to drink the tea made by her only. He says Raj used to love Meet as his daughter. He says Manjiri needs to talk in Hariyanwi language not in Gujarati language. Else Raj will catch their lie. Hosiyar gives five questions and five answers to Manjiri which she has to memorize before meeting Raj.

Manjiri says she needs one month time but Meet Ahlawat says she will meet Raj in one hour. Manjiri answers in Gujarati language and Meet Ahlawat shouts at her. Manjiri tries to leave in anger but Popatrani says Hosiyar is a nice guy, he will teach her everything. Isha comes to conclusion that Manjiri is Meet and everyone feels the same. Babita worries how Manjiri will face Raj. Meet Ahlawat requests Manjiri to not ruin their efforts as Raj means everything to him. Manjiri goes to meet Raj and Meet Ahlawat tries to wake him up. Raj doesn’t respond and Manjiri holds his hand. Raj opens his eyes and gets delighted to see her. He says finally she is back and where she had gone?he gets teary and says he will be alright as Meet is back.

Raj asks her how is she? Manjiri replies in Gujrati and Meet Ahlawat covers it up. Suddenly Raj starts coughing and Manjiri makes him drink water. She mistakenly calls Meet Ahlawat as Doruram and says they have to make Raj drink water using spoon. Meet Ahlawat drags Manjiri from there and lashes out at her. He says finally her drama is over and she is a great actor. She called him as Doruram like how Meet used to do. She is noone but that cheater Meet.

Episode ends

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