Meet 5th March 2023 Written Update: Meet spots Anuja on her way


Meet 5th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Shagun says that she will search Meet and asks Yashoda to enjoy. She start searching her clothes. Meet says that she won’t let Shagun search her. Sarkar family has to call police to search her according to her. She says that police should be called as money is involved in the matter. Sarkar says it’s against their rule or law. Meet says that everything will change now. Manmeet asks Meet to not argue with Sarkar. He says that Sarkarpur follows Sarkar’s rules, not any police. Meet says that she wants police intervention only. She goes to call police and plans to settle the matter with Sp Bhati. Yashoda stops her saying no police will come. She drags Meet inside the house with her. Manmeet thinks that Meet can’t steal atleast. He feels that she is trying to hide something else.

Yashoda questions Meet for not leaving already. Meet says that she was collecting her stuffs before leaving. Yashoda asks Meet to leave from the back door. Yashoda tells her family that Meet is not guilty here but she has locked her inside room so that she can’t call the police. She start searching the remaining ladies. Manmeet comes to his room and thinks that Meet is sleeping peacefully there. He decides to not call her. Meet tries to leave using the back door. Yashoda sees her. Meet says that her mission is accomplished now she won’t even look at this hell. Meet is about to leave. She comes face to face with Chaudhary and his son. They recognise Meet. Yashoda calls them inside.

Yashoda asks Meet to leave secretly. Chaudhary says that Meet is very much talked about in the nearby villages. He wishes to have tea prepared by Meet. Yashoda agrees unwillingly. Meet wonders what to do. Chaudhary and son greet Sarkar. The son keeps looking at Meet weirdly. Meet brings tea for both. Chaudhary’s son looks intimated by Meet. Meet learns that they have come to see Meghna. She confronts all the ladies and takes a stand for Meghna’s education. Yashoda says it’s important to marry for girls at the right age. Meghna cries in her room. Sundari asks her to accept her fate.

Meet defends Meghna saying that she is right. She asks Meghna to avoid all these. Manmeet asks Meet to come downstairs otherwise it can cause damage to Sarkar’s prestige. Meghna and Meet convince him to do something for Meghna. Meet shares her idea. Manmeet agrees and starts acting accordingly. Chaudhary’s son wishes to click a selfie with Meet to get instant fame. Yashoda waits for Meghna so that Meet can leave the house soon. Meet prank calls Chaudhary’s son. She acts like his lover.

Manmeet takes away his phone and put it on speaker. Sarkar and family hear everything. Sarkar questions Chaudhary. Chaudhary and son leave. Meghna, Sundari and Meet become happy. Manmeet asks Meghna to concentrate on her studies. Meet gears up to leave finally. Yashoda prays for her smooth exit. Meet sees Anuja on her way. Anuja sits in ambulance and leaves. Meet tries to call her but in vain. She gets clueless and contact Yashoda. Yashoda asks her to just go away and forget everything. The episode ends.

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