Meet 6th June 2022 Written Update: Shanty outsmarts Meet


Meet 6th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet doing puja with Meet Ahlawat. Shanty gives them instructions. Deep comes and Shanty pushes a sharp thing at his feet knowingly. Deep gets injured and his feet bleeds. Shanty signals his men and they say that blood signifies bad omen and he won’t allow any kind of negativity during hawan. Meet tries to convince them but Shanty acts like it will bring bad luck. Babita says Guruji is right, they should not disobey him and Deep should leave if Guruji doesn’t want him to attend the hawan. Deep leaves upset.

Shanty’s recruits ask Meet to apply tilak on every pure places of the house also the place should be watery. Such as plants, water drums etc. Meet goes to do that alone because they say she will particularly get blessings from God. Meet is about to apply tilak on the water drum where Shanty’s men created short circuit but suddenly the light goes off. Everyone wonders now how will Meet perform the ritual. Shanty smiles thinking Meet will get electrocuted. But Meet enters and says she only turned the main switch off as she noticed an electric wire near water drum before performing the ritual. She did it for her safety. Raj says Meet is already experienced regarding all these. Babita says thank God Meet is safe. Meet Ahlawat gets mad at the servants for not finding the wires and for being careless. He shouts at them and she calms him down saying she is fine.

Shanty lashes out at his men and try to electrocute them for failing the plan. They plead him and he says they have time till morning, they have to harm Meet within that time and he will return back to hospital otherwise he will land in trouble. Meet talks to her baby at garden area and she finds a cigarette. She wonders why it came from Guruji’s room. His followers cant be smokers. She goes to investigate about it and Babita bumps into her. Babita asks her not to doubt Guruji as its wrong. She says she just wants to see if anyone else has entered Guruji’s room.

Raj tells an electrician to check all the electric sockets for Meet’s safety. They check in Shanty’s room too. Meet opens the room door and finds Shanty is meditating. Meet sees a packet in the electrician’s pocket. Babita tells Meet to leave Guruji alone, Shanty’s men ask them to leave as Guruji is meditating. Meet thinks maybe the cigarette is of the electrician.. Shanty recalls how he saw Meet holding the cigarette and he called the electrician in his room so that he can put the blame on him. Meet Ahlawat thinks of changing the room interior for Meet’s safe pregnancy. He says he will bring calling bell for her so that she can call anyone for help from the room. He says the cupboard edge will also may hurt her. Later Meet wraps herself with a plastic and tells her husband that she spent five months of pregnancy here and she is safe here completely. He is worrying too much.

Meet Ahlawat says maybe he is doing extra but he gets attached to his loved ones deeply so he became overprotective for their child. He says she is different than other mothers. He adds he didn’t mean to hurt her by saying this. She says she can understand. Babita tells Shanty to give blessings to Meet as she is manly and does not act like other women. After giving birth she can do whatever she wants. Shanty thinks this time noone can save Meet from him. Meet hugs Meet Ahlawat and assures him he will not lose his dear ones again.

Episode ends

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