Meet 6th March 2023 Written Update: Anuja lands in trouble


Meet 6th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Meet follows Anuja’s ambulance. Anuja asks doctors why she is called at a private clinic for operation. Doctor says that there are advanced equipments in the clinic which are required for the surgery. They ask Anuja to sign some documents. Meet rides her bike and recalls Yashoda’s words. The doctors consume alcohol inside a cabin and says that they are planning something about which Anuja has no idea. Anuja signs the documents. Anuja is asked to come at doctor’s cabin. Meet enters inside Sarkarpur’s boundary again.

Anuja spots alcohol inside the cabin and gets doubtful. All drunken doctors surround Anuja. Anuja senses danger. One of them touches her inappropriately and misbehaves with her. Anuja says that she is part of Sarkar family and if his family gets to know all these they won’t spare anyone. They say that Sarkar will kill Anuja first. They harrase Anuja. Anuja cries. Sundari feels hopeful about Anuja’s operation. Anuja tries to fight back. They give inappropriate proposal to her. Anuja begs them to leave her.

Yashoda calls someone to search Swapna’s room. Narendra and Swapna worry thinking about the ammount they have collected. Swapna feels dizzy and faints. She is taken to her room by Narendra. The doctors try to capture Anuja. Meet comes there and hits one of the doctors. Anuja goes to her and asks her to protect her. They ask Meet to leave. Meet says that she alone is enough for them and throws medicine bottles at them. They get injured. Meet captures each one of them, beats them and tries to teach them a lesson. Anuja helps Meet.

One of the doctors manages to lock Meet inside a freezer. Meet tries hard to come out of it. Anuja fights with them to help Meet. They capture Anuja and goes to inject her. Meet thinks that she has to save Anuja as she is alone outside. She feels extreme cold. Meet recalls Meet Alhawat’s advice and tells herself that she is not feeling cold at all. Meet uses her all strength and manages to come out of the freezer. She drops the injection and beats the doctors. Anuja gains strength seeing Meet and beats them too.

Meet and Anuja escape from the clinic. Yashoda sends someone to search Swapna’s room. Manmeet requests to stop the search operation as it is not good to harrase the family members. Sarkar, Yashoda say that they have to find out the offender. Sundari informs the family about Swapna’s pregnancy. Everyone gets a pleasant surprise. Manmeet congratulates Narendra. Manmeet asks Yashoda to bless Swapna. Yashoda says first of all Gunni will detect the gender of the unborn baby.

If it’s a boy then there will be celebrations and if not then there will be sadness according to Yashoda. Narendra and Swapna get worried. Manmeet tells Narendra that he is very happy as he was waiting for a good news like this since long. They share a hug. Meets offers water to Anuja and asks her to not cry. Anuja gives Meet the documents and money.

Meet understands that Anuja wanted to undergo a gender change operation with the help of Sundari. She recalls past few incidents and comprehends everything. Meet asks Anuja why she wants to change her gender. Anuja replies due to societal and circumstantial pressure only. Meet gets stunned.

The episode ends.

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