Meet 6th October 2022 Written Update: Meet pressurises Meet Ahlawat to reveal the truth


Meet 6th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Barfi sitting devastated and recalls what Neelam did. Meet Ahlawat calls her and says she was right. Meet Hooda stole her phone and tried learning the reason behind his marriage with Neelam. He asks Barfi if she learned who sent gift to Isha. Barfi says not yet but she is trying, he says she should not worry but he will come back after finishing the puja for Deep. Barfi says he doesn’t need to hurry, he should complete the puja peacefully. She thinks how can she tell him that Neelam did all these. Meet Ahlawat cuts the call and goes to perform the puja. He feels sad and the priest tells him to offer one of Deep’s signs. Meet Ahlawat takes out his pen which he took away from Meet that day by distracting her. He gets teary recalling the accident. Babita goes to attend the prayer and tells Meet to take care of the baby.

Meet thinks why Meet Ahlawat didn’t come back yet. She goes out to reach police station and calls a rickshaw driver. He is none other than Kamal who is hiding his face. Kamal thinks he will snatch the baby from her on the way. Meet Ahlawat is asked to keep the pen on the balcony edge. He prays for Deep so that his soul gets peace. Meet is about to take the ride but the due to wind the pen falls down and she notices that. She recognises it and wonders how it came here. One priest informs her that it might fell from the balcony and it’s for a Puja which is performed for departed souls. Meet decides to find out who is doing the puja. She refuses to take the ride and tells Kamal to leave. Kamal holds a knife and thinks now he has no choice but hurting her to get the baby. Before he could proceed some people come in between him and Meet. She leaves.

Neelam comes to give aarti to Barfi and the latter gets mad at her. Barfi tells her to swear on her and asks her where she was last night. Neelam is about to swear but Barfi throws away the aarti plate angrily. Barfi adds she never imagined her own daughter will swear on her falsely. She chokes Neelam and questions her since when did she start consuming alcohol and wearing such short dresses. She even threatened to harm her mother and hit her too. She was using slangs. Neelam is utterly shocked and says she didn’t do anything and she is not lying. She cries but Barfi refuses to believe her as she witnessed everything. Meet Ahlawat writes Deep’s name with red color on a kerchief during Puja and Meet notices him from behind.

Meet asks him he is doing last rites puja for whom? Meet Ahlawat puts the kerchief in hawan fire and keeps Deep’s photo in his pocket. He hides the truth from her and she says he has to reveal everything right now. She shows him the pen and says this pen belongs to that dead person whom Isha hit with her car. He didn’t allow Isha to meet him and everything is related to that person only which is why he married Neelam. Meet Ahlawat gets nervous and thinks Meet is really close to the truth. He lies that he was doing puja for his son. He already said the truth and now it’s upto her, she believes it or not. She says she doesn’t believe it’s true. She calls Raj and Meet Ahlawat cuts the call after snatching the phone.

Meet says he cant stop her from telling everything to Raj. Only Raj will question him about the truth and he can’t lie to his father. Kamal observes both of them and a person mistakenly hits his injured leg with a plate. Kamal gets hurt badly. Raj thinks he can’t understand what Meet and Meet Ahlawat are trying to do. They are arguing for real or its a drama. Meet Ahlawat stops Meet and asks her to not say anything to Raj if she ever understood her husband. If he could reveal the truth to her, he would have done that much earlier. He leaves and Meet remains confused.

Episode ends

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