Meet 7th December 2022 Written Update: Ishani reveals the truth of her origin


Meet 7th December 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet kissing Meet Ahlawat on his forehead. Meet Ahlawat caresses Meet. Meet Ahlawat points to the cupboard. Meet opens the cupboard and sees that there are flowers and a gift from Meet Ahlawat. Meet feels happy seeing this. Meet Ahlawat says happy anniversary and Meet also says Happy anniversary to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says he kept his word to Meet. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet what will she do without him. Meet says she doesn’t know. Meet Ahlawat takes Meet’s hand and takes Sindhur from her hand and puts Sindhur on Meet’s Maang. Meet Ahlawat also wipes Meet’s tears. Meet feels elated.

In the Ahlawat mansion after 7 days. The whole Ahlawat family seems to be happy and all the Ahlawat family is happy and shown to be talking about it. Meet gives coffee to Meet Ahlawat thinking he is Raj. Meet Ahlawat teases Meet and flirts with her.

Meet Ahlawat carries Meet in princess carry style into the Ahlawat mansion. The whole family gets stunned seeing this. Meet Ahlawat says he wants to talk to Meet privately and takes Meet to their room.

A few guests come to Ahlawat mansion and question Ram about his new daughter. Ram asks the guests what are they talking about? The guests show the paper in which it is reported that Ishani is Ram’s daughter. Ram gets shocked seeing this. Ram asks them to leave. The guests see that Ram is angry and leaves from there.

Ram thinks Ragini and Ishani did this. Ram questions Ragini about it. Ram and the whole Ahlawat family start getting calls. Masum is about to take the land line. Ram asks Masum not to take the call. Raj also asks Ragini about the news paper. Ishani tries to tell the truth but Ragini stops Ishani.

Ram blames Ragini for the news in the news paper. Raj asks Ram to calm down and asks Ragini about the news. Ragini stays silent. Ram thinks Ragini is behind the news and blames her and says he will not allow his reputation to be stained by her. Ram takes Ishani’s hand and says she is not going to stay in this house. Ragini stops Ram. Ram seeing this is about throw both Ishani and Ragini out. Raj tries to stop Ram but Raj says he doesn’t want to disrespect Raj and asks him to move to a side.

Ishani asks Ragini if she will stay silent. Ishani says this time she will reveal the truth. Ishani tries to speak but Ram stops Ishani and says it is enough of her games. Ishani says he is the one who played games with her mother Sushma Malhotra. Ishani reminds Ram that she is his lover’s daughter who he betrayed. Raj asks Ram if what Ishani said is the truth or not? Ram stays silent. Ishani says Ram will not say anything and says he is coward. Ishani shows the video of Sushma Malhotra’s last confession in which she admits that Ishani is Ram Ahlawat and Sushma Malhotra’s daughter. She says Ram knows about her pregnant and still left her. She says Ram said he will marry her but he never allowed her to meet his relatives. Ram asks Ragini why did she hide that she knew Ishani is Ram’s daughter. Ram asks Ragini if she wanted to take revenge on him by doing this. Meet defends Ragini and says Ragini would never do anything like that. Meet says Ragini might have a legitimate reason for doing this.

Episode ends.

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