Meet 7th February 2023 Written Update: Jashodha’s cruel welcome for Meet in her house


Meet 7th February 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet leaving with Manmeet for her in laws house. Everyone gets emotional. Manmeet says that he doesn’t need driver as he himself will drive meet to his house. Babita asks if he’s sure as he says that he will as anyhow they are going to return soon. Everyone gets shocked hearing but he says that it’s not like her relationship with the house will be over forever. Manmeet takes Meet saying that it’s going to be a very long journey of her life and they both leave in his jeep. Meet on the way swears to herself that she won’t bend in front of him so easily. He says that she needs to bend and soon his mother’s oath will be fulfilled.

On the way jeep gets repaired and Meet offers to repair it. Manmeet asks him to stay as a girl and let the men do their work. Meet says that he wants the same to keep the woman stay inside veil with hands tied. Manmeet ties her hands and pulls her veil to cover her face and leaves to check for the repair. Once he’s does he resumes their journey. He says that woman looks more beautiful when they are tied up just like her and goes to is house.

Manmeet reaches he house and Meet struggles to get released. Manmeet forcefully drags her with him. Sarkar fires the gun in happiness and everyone looks smirking at Meet. Imarti and the other lady holds Meet while Sarkar is proud of Manmeet for proving that he’s his son. Manmeet proudly says Jashodha that he fulfilled her wish. Jashodha asks the ladies to bring aarti and calls photographer to record each and every moment of what’s about to happen to the girl. She takes the aarti and puts chilly in it and Meet suffers to breathe.

Jashodha says that that day she insulted Sarkar in front of everyone and soon she’ll pay for it. They make her stamp the cactus plant in the kalash and make her walk with bloody foot as her grahpravesh. She struggles in pain. Jashodha asks if it’s paining for her it’s the same way she suffered as she handcuffed Sarkar’s hand that day. She says that she would forgive anything but not the insult of her Sarkar and his enemies. She makes her wear chappal mala. Manmeet pushes her at the feet of his mother and asks his mother if there is anything more left to be fulfilled for her. She says no and he asks her to break her fast.

He brings food for her and is about to feed her when they hear Meet’s voice from outside. Meet says that it’s not over and makes a damedakar entry in bike in the house. Everyone gets shocked seeing her. She takes rounds in the bike and looks at hem with smirk. She asks if they are stunned. She removes her coolers and says Manmeet that this is what is called entry. She pours kesar lassi in front of Manmeet and asks him to have it as it’s his favorite. She herself drinks it. She asks if the muh dukhayi of the new bride is not done yet. He opens the veil nd gets shocked seeing Shamu. The episode ends.

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