Meet 7th July 2022 Written Update: Masoom recalls how she helped Manushi in past


Meet 7th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Isha meeting Deep. She says after Manjiri’s arrival Raj is getting better and it’s a good news. She says she can make her family even happier if she says yes for her marriage with Deep. Deep gets happy to know that but he says he can’t make her meet his mother now. His mother is conservative and he fears if she behaves rudely with Isha. Isha says she will win her heart as well. He should not worry about that. There kids of the house take Manjiri outside and show her a bike. They expect to get her reaction like Meet.

Manjiri says she can’t ride a bike and it’s not her cup of tea. She says she can pose near the bike and they can click her pictures. There Meet Ahlawat secretly notices Manjiri if she gets excited seeing the bike like Meet Hooda. Ram tells Manjiri to sit on the bike but the latter loses her balance and falls from the bike. She says girls look best when they sit on the back seat, she can do garba but can’t ride a bike.

Manjiri leaves and the kids say that she is not their Meet Ostad. As Meet used to get overjoyed seeing bike but Manjiri looks not interested at all. But still they decide not to lose hope in proving that Manjiri is Meet only. Manjiri practices to speak Hariyanwi language with the headphones on. Meet Ahlawat asks her how she fell down from the bike as she is really expert at riding that. Manjiri doesn’t listen to him and while practicing the language she loses her balance and Meet Ahlawat saves her from getting hurt. They fall together and look at each other’s eyes. Manjiri asks him why he touched her, he says he was just trying to save her. He feels it means Manjiri didn’t hear what he said.

Manjiri’s dupatta flies off and falls on Masoom when she comes back home. Manjiri removes the dupatta from her head and wears it. Masoom is left shocked to see her and Manjiri talks in Hariyanwi accent and gives her introduction as Meet Hooda. Masoom faints hearing that and gets up on bed. She gets scared seeing Manjiri and asks Meet Ahlawat if Meet is alive. She even said she is Meet Hooda. Manjiri gets happy to know that her acting was on point and she did a fabulous job. She explains that she is not Meet but her lookalike.

Masoom doesn’t believe that and Manjiri asks her why she is scared as if she wronged Meet Hooda in real. Masoom recalls the hospital incident. In flashback Manushi runs away with Meet’s son and Masoom catches her. The nurse asks for money from Manushi and also reveals that she replaced the child with a dead one. Masoom questions Manushi why she betrayed her sister.

Manushi manipulates Masoom saying it will be in her favour only as Duggu will get the property along with her. But if Meet Ahlawat’s son lives in the house then he will get everything not Duggu. Manushi says she has a solid plan against Meet and her son and it will benefit Masoom. Masoom lets her leave. Flashback ends. Meet Ahlawat scolds Manjiri and tells her not to annoy Masoom as she needs rest. Masoom thinks that Manjiri is Meet and she will prove that soon.

Episode ends

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