Meet 7th March 2023 Written Update: Meet returns Sarkar Mahal


Meet 7th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Meet tries to change Anuja’s thoughts saying it’s not a curse to born as woman, as goddesses are also women. Anuja says that she doesn’t understand all these she only knows that Meghna and Sundari’s suffering will come to an end if she becomes a man. She wants to safeguard Megha after becoming her brother. Meet asks Anuja to fight of her rights. Anuja says that Meet should be the last person to say that as she herself is running away from her battle field. She believes that Meet won’t stay back at Sarkarpur once she gets the factory papers, she then won’t even think about the women of Sarkarpur. She sticks to her decision. She leaves from there.

Meet becomes thoughtful. Yashoda asks Gunwanti to make Gunni detect the gender of both Imarti and Swapna’s baby as she wants to know who is carrying the boy child. Swapna cries thinking about their unborn child in case it’s a girl child. Narendra asks her to stay stress free as he is ready to elope with Swapna this time. Meet starts her bike. She gets to hear Bhagwat Katha on her way. She recalls Auja’s words. She meets the lady and her baby girl whom Meet and Meet Alhawat saved from terrorist once. The lady says that she named her baby girl as ‘Meet’. She informs Meet that Meet Alhawat use to say that women are the strongest creation of God and they can do anything and everything. She says that she will give good education to her daughter and leaves.

Meet understands why her husband chose Sarkarpur to build their factory. She decides to realise Meet Alhawat’s dream. She decides to go back to Sarkar Mahal so that she can support the women at Sarkar mahal and sarkarpur. She decides to do the inauguration of her factory by the women of Sarkar Mahal only. She thanks God for showing her the right path. Sarkar tells Yashoda and Manmeet that he wants Meet to be out of both Sarkarpur and Sarkar Mahal. Yashoda smiles. Gunwanti comes and says that Anuja is not in her room. She says that she doubts that Anuja has stolen Sarkar’s money. Everyone gets shocked.

Yashoda goes to check. They go to Anuja’s room and finds her inside. Sundari gets clueless seeing Anuja at home. She worries for her daughter. Meet is also spotted in the same room. Yashoda’s mind gets blown seeing Meet. Meet lies that she stole Sarkar’s money not anyone else. She says that she was trying to flee but Anuja caught and tied her with a chair using ropes. Flashback shows that Meet meets Anuja later and says that she won’t go anywhere before fulfilling Meet Alhawat’s dream which is to end the gender disparity prevalent at Sarkarpur. She and Anuja join hands.

Manmeet says that he doesn’t believe that Meet can steal a penny. He believes Meet is lying only. Yashoda wonders what stopped Meet from leaving Sarkarpur. Manmeet doubts Meet. Meet plans to change the thought process of all the people of Sarkarpur and Sarkar Mahal. Yashoda recalls Swamiji’s prediction and gets mad. Meet teases her. She blackmails her. She asks her to act according to her instructions otherwise she threatens to inform Sarkar and Manmeet regarding the factory documents’ matter.

The episode ends.

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