Meet 8th January 2023 Written Update: The hostages escape the hospital one by one


Meet 8th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat saying to Meet that everything is going to be fine. Meet is shown to be shivering from the cold. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to be strong and he has to go outside. The hostages are shown to be preparing the clothes slider. The woman terrorist asks a hostage who is sleeping to get up and bring her water. The woman terrorist tells No 3 to wake him up. No 3 tries to wake up the hostages. Meet Ahlawat stops No 3 from opening the blanket as he might find out the hostages are not here. Meet Ahlawat gets up and says he will bring him water. Meet Ahlawat brings water and gives No 3. Meet Ahlawat taunts the woman terrorist that he can’t believe that she can drink a whole bottle and stay steady. The woman terrorist drinks the whole bottle. Meet tells the doctor to be careful and asks him not to come out until they tell him.

The woman terrorist says she will go to the doctor. Meet Ahlawat tries to stop her. Meet sees that the chief terrorist is right outside the operation theatre. Meet Ahlawat dances for a song to distract the woman terrorist. Meet takes scissors and breaks the glass window to distract the chief terrorist and escapes from there.

Meet Ahlawat entertains No 3 and the woman terrorist with a dance. Meet comes to the laundry room. Ragini hugs Meet and checks her wounds. Ragini asks Meet if she is hurt. Meet comments on it. Meet says they have to start the mission to get out of here.

Meet Ahlawat taunts the woman terrorist to drink another bottle and says he will go and get it. The woman terrorist tells Meet Ahlawat to come quickly.

Meet Ahlawat comes to the laundry room and hugs Meet. The woman terrorist asks No 3 to wake up all the hostages and make them dance. No 3 tries to wake up the hostages.

Meet Ahlawat asks Meet if she is alright. Meet says she is fine. Meet says it is their responsibility to save them. Meet Ahlawat hurries the hostages. Chanda says to Meet Ahlawat that she will go to her native village and says a woman has to be like Meet. Meet Ahlawat decides and says to Meet that they will open the factory in Chanda’s village. Meet agrees. Meet Ahlawat caresses Meet. Meet hurries the hostages.

No 2 regains consciousness and decides to tell the chief everything. No 3 tries to wake up the hostages. The chief terrorist comes and says to No 3 and the woman terrorist that No 2 is not seen for a long time. no 3 comments on it.

Meet Ahlawat and the rest of the hostages create the slider from the window. No 3 thinks Meet Ahlawat is taking a long time to bring the bottle he decides to go and check.

The hostages argue that they are going to go first. Meet Ahlawat says the evacuation is going to be the same way as it happens all over the world and says first the elders, the woman after that men.

No 2 comes to the chief and says to him that Meet is alive and Meet Ahlawat are together in this. The chief says that Meet is on ice and says doctor might have taken out the kidney out of Meet by now. The hostages slide down one by one. Meet takes Chanda’s child and helps Chanda get on the slide.

The chief terrorist tells his men to look for the hostages. Meet Ahlawat and Meet convince Ragini to go in the slider. Ragini gets on the slider and gets down. Meet says they have to save the doctor. Meet Ahlawat says he will come with her.

Episode ends.