Meet 9th February 2023 Written Update: Manmeet and Jashodha visit Ahlawat house to mock Meet


Meet 9th February 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Raj looking for new place to build the factory. Meet looks at Meet’s picture and recalls his dream. She thinks that she needs to fulfil Meet’s dream. Manmeet comes there with Jashodha playing drums. He mocks Meet and Raj warns them to not step forward.

Manmeet asks them to not come between husband and wife issue. He sends away the real estate agent and Manmeet mocks her for speaking big words about fulfilling their dead son’s dream. She mocks them for speaking big. He calls the woman who supported Meet. He says that they believed that a lot in her and she’s giving up on them.

Jashodha force them to chant and hoot for Sarkar. Jashodha takes evil eyes off Manmeet with money and gives it in Meet’s hands saying that it’s her donation for building the factory. She leaves warning her to not set foot on Sarkarpur at any cost. Manmeet mocks Meet for failing to fulfil her dead husband’s dream. He calls women weak and this is the result of it.

He leaves mocking and insulting Meet to the core. Meet angrily runs away despite Raj and Babita calling her. She falls at the foot of Matarani. Manmeet thinks that Meet is not someone who would back off so easily and thinks that she’ll definitely come to retrieve the factory papers. Shagun asks Manmeet whether he’s still thinking about Meet when it’s their wedding the next day. She asks if he really fell for Meet.

Meet vents out her frustration in front of God. She asks what is the use of her existence when evil defeats good. She says that she tried a lot to fulfil Meet’s dream but it all went in vain. She says that she failed and asks if this is fair. She asks whether it’s not true that she exist to prevail truth win. She says that she lost her trust in her after what happened and breaks down. Suddenly she hears a lady laughing loudly.

Manmeet romances with Shagun and says that he won’t look at Meet even if she’s the last girl in the world. He says that he only belongs to her and asks her not to doubt it. He says that Meet insulted his mother and family which he can’t tolerate at any cost. He says that he wants to bring her bac to make her apologize his mother and pay for what happened. He says that once it’s done then they can marry happily.

Sarkar comes there when they were about to kiss. He says that they shouldn’t underestimate Meet and wants her to pay for his mother’s insult. Manmeet agrees with him. The lady laughs at Meet for questioning the existence of almighty and asks her to not fall weak and fight for what’s right. Meet is clueless when she suddenly disappears and caresses her pendant wondering what to do. The episode ends.

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