Meet 9th July 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat saves Manjiri from Manushi and Masoom’s trap


Meet 9th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj drinking the tea made by Manjiri. He says he doesn’t need any medicine but Meet’s tea will cure him fully. He tells Meet Ahlawat to drink tea as well. Meet Ahlawat denies and Raj tells Manjiri to share her cup of tea with Meet Ahlawat. She says but she already took a sip. Raj says they are husband and wife so they can drink tea from one cup. She offers tea to Meet Ahlawat and the latter remembers Meet while drinking it. Manjiri looks at him. Meet Ahlawat thinks he very well knows she is Meet Hooda only, Manjiri can’t hide the truth for long. Masoom takes Manjiri to the set where music video shooting takes place. Manjiri gets excited seeing the set up and thanks Masoom for showing her all of that.

Masoom says she can even show green room to Manjiri where big stars come to do their make up. Manjiri goes with her and gets inside the green room. Masoom meets Manushi and Kunal there. In flashback Manushi tells Masoom to lock Manjiri inside a green room and they will create a dangerous situation for her to check if she can come out of the room safely like how Meet would have done. If she is not Meet then she will die there and if she is Meet then she will find a way out. Manushi says they should have no sympathy for Manjiri if she is not Meet.

Manjiri gets surprised seeing the huge green room and tells Masoom that her garba students will get fit here all together as it’s a big room. Masoom says there are other green rooms too, this is for one artist only. She leaves saying she will be back in some time. She locks Manjiri from outside and goes to a room to check on her through CCTV footage. Manushi and Kunal join her. Manjiri starts speaking that she is good at garba dancing and she is a mind blowing actor too the way she is adopting Meet Hooda’s character. Manushi says even in their absence she is trying to act like Manjiri. Suddenly due to AC’s mechanical issues the room gets filled with smoke. Manjiri feels suffocation and calls out for help. She knocks on the door and there Masoom says she even left a toolkit there to see if Meet repairs the AC to reduce the smoke. She also left a stool there.

Manjiri takes the stool and hits it on the door to break it. Masoom says maybe she is Manjiri in real and they are overthinking. Manushi says they will wait till last to see if Meet shows her true colors as the latter is very clever. Masoom says but they should do something to save her. Manushi stops her and says why Meet is not repairing the AC. Masoom encourages saying Meet has to do that and why she is wasting time and risking her life. Manjiri slowly falls unconscious due to extreme smoke and coughs. Masoom panics and there Meet Ahlawat arrives there and he reaches Manjiri using different way by going to the balcony first. He lifts up Manjiri and Masoom Manushi get shocked seeing him there all of a sudden. Meet Ahlawat tries to wake Manjiri up.

Episode ends

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