Meet 9th June 2022 Written Update: Raj asks Meet to reveal truth to her family


Meet 9th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shanty mocking Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat shouts at him and Meet calls her husband. Shanty says after hearing her husband’s scream she will surely come here. Meet Ahlawat kicks his hand and the phone falls down. Meet cautions Meet Ahlawat saying those are not Guruji’s followers but they are Shanty and his henchmen. Shanty tells his henchmen to beat Meet Ahlawat badly. He screams and Meet gets shocked to hear his painful scream. She sees the line her husband made with Teddy bears.

She says she has to cross it today else she will lose Meet Ahlawat forever. She promises that she won’t let anyone hurt their child. Meet Ahlawat gets beaten and gets injured. Shanty is about to kill him and Meet throws a drum at him and he falls down. She beats his henchmen with Rod and then thanks her baby saying she has become more powerful. Meet cunningly beats everyone and saves her husband. Shanty says no matter whatever she does but she won’t be able to save her baby or her husband today as she is physically weak.

Masoom provokes Babita saying Meet crossed the line Meet Ahlawat made for her. She adamantly left with a stick as if she is going to fight someone. She does not care about the baby at all. Babita says she can’t believe Meet has done this. She calls at the police station to talk to Meet. But the constable says Meet is not at the police station and he has no idea where she is. Babita scolds him saying she will take action against him if he doesn’t give Meet’s information. Constable says Meet probably went to catch Shanty. Babita tells him to send her location. Masoom says Meet can’t be a mother as she is desperate. Babita says Meet has to answer, why she did that to her child.

Meet cries and Babita Masoom find her. Masoom assumes Meet lost her child. They notice blood stain on the street. Babita gets emotional and questions Meet why she put her child at risk. Now her husband will never forgive her. Meet Ahlawat comes and Babita asks him how he got hurt? He asks Meet why she crossed the line and came to fight the men. He then kisses her hand saying he feels proud of her.

He tells Babita that today Meet saved him, he would have died without her help. He says Meet came with full protection by wearing armour and all. He adds how Shanty and his henchmen were responsible for the accidents in the house. They tried to kill him and Meet fought with them bravely as if some unshakable power was inside her. She protected her husband and her child both. He gets delighted and Meet ensures Babita that the child is safe and kicking right now. Babita feels relieved.

Ragini performs aarti of Meet and everyone feels proud of her that she saved her husband and child. Babita asks Meet why she was crying if everything was okay. Raj says Meet did something today which is still hidden. He learned it from the commissioner. Raj asks Meet to reveal the truth to everyone especially to Babita. Meet feels hesitant.

Episode ends

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