Meet 9th March 2023 Written Update: Meet exposes Gunni


Meet 9th March 2023 Written Update On

In today’s episode, Meet puts itching power all over Manmeet’s costume. She plans to defeat him using her intelligence instead of using her strength. She senses that someone is coming to the room and hides the powder behind her. Sundari comes to her room with Anuja. She expresses gratitude to Meet for saving Anuja at hospital. Anuja gives Meet Prasad which they have brought from the mandir. Meet eats the Prasad. Yashoda screams and says Gunni has come. Yashoda welcomes Gunni and her team. She says that Gunni will detect the gender of both Imarti and Swapna’s unborn babies.

Sundari tells Meet if it’s a boy there will be celebrations and if it’s a girl there will be funeral. Meet gets shocked. Imarti and Swapna take blessings from Gunni. Gunni starts checking Swapna first. Meet recalls Swapna’s words. She secretly burns some patakas. Everyone gets stunned including Gunni and her team. Yashoda questions Meet for this act. Meet calls the process baseless and pure superstition. Meet asks Gunni to check their pregnant maid and detect the gender of her unborn baby.

Gunni checks her and says that she is carrying girl child. Meet claps and calls it a wrong answer. She tells everyone that Gunni is a liar as the maid is not even pregnant. Everyone gets shocked. Gunni says that she knew it and she said it casually. Meet calls Gunni’s buisness as illegal. Gunni announces that she won’t step in Sarkar Mahal and Sarkarpur ever. Meet asks her to leave. Gunni and her team leave. Meet asks Sarkar family to celebrate the baby’s birth without caring about the gender.

Yashoda says that Manmeet will defeat Meet in wrestling match and teach her a lesson. Yashoda does arti of Manmeet. Meet tells Swapna that every mother should think like her. Meet asks Yashoda to do her arti aswell. She puts tika on her own forehead. Manmeet says that there will be celebrations after he defeats Meet. Shagun ties red dhaga on his wrist to keep him safe from evil eyes. Sundari, Anuja and Swapna control their laugh. Yashoda asks Meet to not be happy as Gunni will be back soon.

Yashoda asks a little girl to pull a sack. The girl manages to pull it with ease. Yashoda reveals that the sack is filled with thermocol balls only. Meet gets uncomfortable recalling her ploy. Yashoda questions Meet for using such tactics and calls her crazy. She asks Meet to prove herself in the wrestling ring. She says that Meet can’t win anything by fooling others. She says that a woman is nothing without the support of a man. Manmeet stands by Yashoda.

Sarkar tells Yashoda that he won’t go to witness the wrestling match as he has more important work. Yashoda says that she won’t go aswell. He forces Yashoda to go with others. Yashoda gets doubtful and leaves with others. Finally the most waited day has come. Manmeet enters the ring. Everyone claps for him. Meet enters later. She and Manmeet come face to face. Meet’s supporters feel hopeful seeing her inside the ring.

The episode ends.