Meet 9th November 2022 Written Update: Barfi gives sleeping pills to Neelam


Meet 9th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Barfi seeing Neelam and recalling what happened. Barfi decides to stop Laila from meeting Meet Ahlawat even if he messages Laila again. Barfi mixes sleeping pills in the milk and gives it to Neelam so that she will sleep. Neelam takes the milk.
Ragini sees Isha’s photo and says she is missing Isha and thinks Isha would understand why she lied about Ishani. Ishani questions Ragini on why did she tell everyone the truth and asks Ragini why didn’t she tell the whole truth? Ishani says that’s why she hates her.

Ram comes into the house and calls Ragini habitually but later recalls what happened and calls the servant and gives him the bags and tells him to keep them inside.

Ishani comes and says to Ragini with half truth she will never get justice. Ishani questions Ragini about who is her father to fill up the college application form. Ragini doesn’t tell Ishani about her father. Ishani reminds Ragini what the world calls a child without a father. Ishani says she wants to know the name of her father.

The staff wishes Meet Ahlawat a happy Diwali. Meet Ahlawat also wishes them the same. Meet Ahlawat sees that no one is watching and opens the door for Meet. Meet asks Meet Ahlawat if he is ready to catch Neelam. Meet Ahlawat comments on it. Meet says she will hide in the cardboard box and says they will be connected with the phone. Meet Ahlawat sends the staff away. Meet hides in the cardboard box. Barfi sees Neelam sleeping and thinks the sleeping pills worked. Barfi sees Laila’s phone and sees that there is no message that the program got canceled as Meet Hudda is not here. Barfi goes to sleep.

Meet Ahlawat waits for Neelam to come. He hears the footsteps and sees that it is just staff. Meet Ahlawat sees that the time is 2:45 and asks Meet to come out. Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to wait for some time. Meet Ahlawat says she would have come by now if she wants to come. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to go and he will come later. Meet hugs Meet Ahlawat as she feels something is going to happen. Laila comes to the office godown. Meet Ahlawat’s watch and Meet’s bracelet get hooked up with each other. Laila comes to Godown. It is shown when Barfi gave the milk. Laila asks Barfi for some flowers and she goes to get them. Neelam takes the milk and pours it. Barfi sees the empty glass and thinks Neelam has drank the milk. Laila is shown to be overhearing when Meet Ahlawat is talking to Meet about sending the message to Laila. Laila says to herself that this is their last meeting and from now on Meet Ahlawat is only Laila’s.

Episode ends.

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