Meet Upcoming Story: Hawa Singh plans to fool Meet


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Zee TV’s popular show Meet is witnessing an interesting track where Meet confronts Hawa Singh.

As reported earlier it’s shown Hawa Singh tried to hit him but Meet stopped him and warned to complain against him telling she is Meet Hoodah. Hawa Singh asked if she was related to Ashok Hoodah. Meet told he was her Dad. Hawa Singh acted like getting emotional and he asked her to leave. Meet said she won’t leave until they release everyone. Hawa Singh released all of them then he thought her dad died because of ethics now it’s his daughter’s time.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat came to Anubha’s house and they asked her to start the Art and crafts business which she happily accepted. Sunaina called Meet as Tej wants to talk with her. Meet made him talk with her Mom and grandmother. Tej sees Ashok’s photo and got scared and he asked them to run. Sunaina controlled him by injecting the medicine. Meet Ahlawat told his family that Meet is his girlfriend. Sunaina lost the Amulet given by Babita and everyone searched for it with torch light.

Tej behaved hyper when the torch touched his eyes and he runs from them in fear. Meet recalled a past incident that he was scared of Torch and she made everyone turns off their torch. Tej fell down losing his consciousness. They took him to his room. He got flashes of Meet’s Dad murder. Meet said his attacks are connected to what happened to him while he was missing and he start seeing those scenes when he got attack so that time we can get to know about the past truth. Family members were against her idea.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness that Tej will see Ashok Hoodah’s photo and he will get hyper and pours red ink on it and shouts to run away. Meet will say it’s her Dad’s photo and asks him to tell clearly what he wants to convey. Hawa Singh will say Meet shouldn’t know the truth and he decides to fool the Meet like he does the world.

Will Hawa Singh gets successful in his plan? Will Meet find out about her Dad’s murderer?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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