Meet Upcoming Story: Laila permits Meet Ahlawat to meet her


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Zee TV popular show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with an intriguing twist.
As reported earlier it’s shown, Ragini introduces Ishani as her friend’s daughter. Raj gives a gift to Ishani for the name that she gave to the child.

Meet decides to make Meet Ahlawat meet Laila. Meet takes Meet Ahlawat saying there is a surprise for him. Ram asks Ragini who is Ishani and why is she occupying Isha’s room. Ishani comes and says she doesn’t like the guest room that’s why she is staying here.

Ram says to Ragini that Isha’s room will be locked until Isha comes back. Meet takes Meet Ahlawat to a bar where Laila performs. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet why did she bring him here? Meet says she brought him here so that he could meet Laila who was raped like Neelam and faced the same trauma.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Laila will perform on stage covering her face with a mask. Meet and Meet Ahlawat watch her performance. Drunken men will get mad seeing her performance. They covers her. Few men try to misbehave with her.

Meet Ahlawat will teach a lesson to those men. That time Laila reaches her makeup and passes a message to Meet Ahlawat that she only wants to meet him. Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to meet her. Meet Ahlawat enters Lalia room.

Can Meet Ahlawat be able to meet Laila?

Can Meet Ahlawat and Meet find out about Neelam’s split personality disorder?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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