Meet Upcoming Story: Meet Ahlawat supports Meet


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The episode starts with Meet imagining that she is beating Hawa Singh for killing her Dad. Her imagination breaks when Hawa Singh leaves by giving his blessing to her. Meet goes to the room and throws the scarf then she cleans the hands with water and wipes her hands harshly. Meet Ahlawat stops her. She says I’m angry at myself for taking the blessings from the murderer of my father and don’t know how Dad felt seeing me. Meet Ahlawat says your Dad will be proud of you and you didn’t do any wrong to reduce his respect and he asks her to come with him. She denies but he insists on her. She hugs him. He asks her to stay strong telling her it’s a big war and she can’t become weak until she wins it.

Hoshiyar sees Duggu is holding his feet and asks him what happened. Duggu tells him that he will become a good boy. Hoshiyar says you’re already a good boy so no need to become an extra good boy. Duggu asks why they are punishing him by changing his parents. Hoshiyar tells him Tej and Sunaina will take good care of him. Duggu hugs him in tears and tells him that he doesn’t want to change his parents. Hoshiyar says your Mom can’t see anything when it’s a matter of money and I can’t tell anything in front of her.

Meet Ahlawat brings Meet to shabadh where he tells her that you always fought against injustice and your Dad gave this quality to you and never forget that you’re his shadow and be brings her near Ashok smarak wall and he asks her to take the promise that you will become like your Dad and they can kill your dad but they can’t kill his aspirations and dreams and don’t tolerate any crime like your Dad and if anyone does mistake them to make them get punished. Meet recalls her Dad words that tolerating mistakes is also wrong. Meet Ahlawat gives her scarf and asks her to punish people who murdered her Dad. Meet says you’re correct.

Meet says this is not a scarf but a grave clothes. She ties that cloth to her head and she promises her Dad to get to the people who murdered her father and I will make them get jailed and I will not tolerate the crime nor let the crime happen and I will raise my voice against the wrong and she promises to make the people get punishment who murdered her Dad. Meet Ahlawat feels happy.