Meet Upcoming Story: Meet Ahlawat to confront Manushi


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Zee TV new show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with a fresh concept.
As reported earlier it’s shown, Ram saved Anubha from revealing truth of Manushi yo Masoom and later Anubha got to know Meet didn’t breaked her promise than Anubha realised Masoom trying to made her struck in her trap. Manushi arrived to Ahlawat house in auto by covering her face than she heard Joker person was backout at the last moment than she disguises as joker and entered to the party.

Meet thdkwed cactus plant in dustbin than she goes to search it. Raj and Babita returned to home and Babita shouts to stop music and she solder Meet for celebrating her birthday. Meet Ahlawat stops them and reveals to his Mom that he is the one who organised the surprise birthday party for Meet happiness and I called to inform you but you didn’t attend it and last night too she take me out as I wanted to fulfill my Mannat and we think for eachother hapiness but why can’t we think for Meet hapiness? Ans she left her family for us.

In the upcoming episode viewers gonna Meet Ahlawat confronts her by asking who’s she? as joker is not part of their event. Manushi looks on and struggle to answer him. Masoom to find Manushi is staying at Anubha place than she thinks Anubha breaked the promise she gave to Mom and she plans to use it in her favour.

Will Babita forgive Anubha? Will Meet find Joker is Manushi?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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