Meet Upcoming Story: Meet Ahlawat will get shocked with Doctor’s words


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Zee TV’s popular show Meet is witnessing an interesting track where Ram injures Meet to stop her from attending the physical fitness round of Police.

As reported earlier it’s shown Ram spiked the laddoo Ragini prepared for Meet. Later Meet Ahlawat took Meet to the party place where Tej, Hoshiyar, Duggu, and Raj come in police officer uniform to congratulate Meet and salute her. Rest of the family also cheered for her. Meet told Babita she can scold her if she think she is giving priority to police work and neglect her duty as daughter in law of this family. Babita said she knows that police is a very demanding and challenging job but there there is a fine line between family and work if you cross the line then a girl’s life will change upside down. Tej talked with Sunaina to give a chance to Ram and Lakhan. Sunaina said she will.

Masoom heard it and says Ram and Lakhan becoming Tej and Sunaina’s children she couldn’t let it happen. Ram made Meet eat the laddo then Ram sees Meet was yawning a lot. He sent her to sleep them Ram took family members to watch a movie on TV hall. Meet noticed something is getting burnt from the window. She came out to control it but she felt dizzy and falls unconscious beside burning wood. Ram burned her feet.

Meet gained some consciousness because of the burning sensation of her leg then she dropped the flower pot beside her. Everyone got alerted because of that sound. Meet fell unconscious again. Everyone came out and got shocked seeing Meet state.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness that Doctor will check Meet’s condition. He will inform family members that Meet’s right leg is deeply burned and they have to cut her leg if infection get increased. Meet Ahlawat will get shocked.

Will Meet be able to escape from Ram’s trap? Can Meet to find out about Ram’s crimes?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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