Meet Upcoming Story: Meet gets taken aback


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Zee TV popular show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with an intriguing twist.
As reported earlier it’s shown, Sarpanch and the villagers catch Meet and Manmeet as they hug each other. Sarpanch says they should answer for their behaviour in the Panchayat tomorrow. Meet leaves from there.

Manmeet goes after her. At the panchayat, Sarpanch says they caught Meet and Manmeet doing romance. Chanda explains the real story of what happened of why Meet hugged Manmeet. But Sarkar laughs at her.

Sarkar makes a decision according to the village rules. As if a man and woman are caught doing romance then the man will marry the woman if not the Panchayat will arrange a man for her.

Sarkar gives another choice to Meet saying she can stop the factory and leave here forever. Meet rejects the Panchayat’s decision. Later Manmeet comes to Ahlawat house and asks Meet what is his fault in the Panchayat’s decision.

Manmeet asks Meet what is her problem and asks her to come so that they can talk but Meet closes the door on Manmeet’s face. Manmeet says he is going to stay here until she talks to him.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Meet will come out with food and wakesup Manmeet. Manmeet will forward his hand for friendship. Meet accepts it.

Manmeet says I can’t become your friend as I started loving you. Meet is taken a back.
Will Meet accepts Manemeet’s proposal?

Will Sarkarpur women’s support Meet?

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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