Meet Upcoming Story: Meet to accept the blame


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Zee TV new show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with a fresh concept.
As reported earlier it’s shown Massom implemented her plan against Meet using her husband who created scene saying Meet hurted his sister and he told to family members that he will leave from home if Meet didn’t apologied to Chavi by holding his sister feet. Babita and Meet Ahlawat supported Hoshiyar than Meet agreed that she will do it and asks them to have the breakfast. Manushi payed the hotel bill using Meet card. Kunal asked hotel person to clear their bills stating they are leaving.

Manushi felt happy thinking he may took her to his home. Meet Ahalwat received message that 4lakhs was used from his credit card and he got shocked seeing it. Masoom told him that Meet may used the amount as she needs money to take care of her family. Meet Ahlawat confronted Meet infront of his family members and she accused her for stealing his credit card from wallet than he aksed her where she kept his credit card. Meet stands shocked.

In the upcoming episode viewers gonna witness that Meet Ahlawat will asks Meet to agree that she did this illegal work by stealing his credit card and asks her to tell it to everyone than Meet says I did it. Everyone looks shocked than Meet asks why you guys are looking at me, I said I took your card.

Will Meet prove Meet Accusations are wrong? Will Meet realises the real face of Kunal?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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