Meet Upcoming Story: Sarkar will criticize Yashoda!


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Zee TV’s popular show Meet stars Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey in lead roles. Meet Hooda is a strong-willed young girl from Haryana whose story is told on the show. Currently the show is gearing up for major twists and turns.

In the previous episode, Shagun is concerned that Meet and Manmeet will grow closer. She intends to take action against the Meet and Manmeet duo. Meet observes Shagun and notifies Manmeet of her presence. Shagun walks up to Sarkar. Sarkar instructs her to monitor Meet’s every action.

Meet informs Manmeet that Shagun is likely envious. Manmeet requests that she find a concept. Meet states that she will update her plan the following day and then exits. Shagun walks up to Manmeet. Imarti travels to Jalebi to deliver Yashoda’s jewelry.

Swapna interrupts her and informs her that she cannot complete the task. Gunwanti requests that she remove the jewelry. Imarti states that her sister is now Swapna’s future mother-in-law. She advises Swapna to maintain boundaries. Gunwanti notifies Imarti that Meet will never permit Sarkar to wed Jalebi.

She asserts that they will all cheer for Meet’s success this time. Shagun queries Manmeet’s decision to join forces with Meet. She fears that if Sarkar discovers that Manmeet is helping Meet, he will not forgive him, and he may not allow them to marry.

Manmeet asserts that Sarkar will not learn about him and Meet. Meet will be eliminated from Manmeet’s existence within five days, according to Manmeet. Swapna vommits. She informs Meet that it is common during pregnancy.

Manmeet hears it. Upon observing that Yashoda is also vomiting, he forms an idea. Manmeet conveys his concept to Shagun and requests that she disseminate it. She follows suit. Gunwanti informs and congratulates Sarkar on Yashoda’s pregnancy. Meet learns it’s Manmeet’s plan.

In the upcoming episode, Manmeet assures Yashoda that Sarkar will forgive her and won’t marry Jalebi. Sarkar comes there. He feeds rasgulla to her. He questions Yashoda for stooping so low and joining hands with Meet to cheat him.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Meet on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and this space.