Meet Upcoming Story: Sundari will be thankful to God and Meet!


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Zee TV’s popular show Meet stars Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey in lead roles. Meet Hooda is a strong-willed young girl from Haryana whose story is told on the show. Currently the show is gearing up for major twists and turns.

In the previous episode, Meet requests that Anuja fight for her rights. Meet should be the last person to say that, according to Anuja, because she herself is fleeing the battlefield. She believes that Meet will not return to Sarkarpur after receiving the factory papers. Meet becomes reflective.

Yashoda requests that Gunwanti instruct Gunni to determine the gender of both Imarti and Swapna’s children. This time, Narendra informs Swapna that he is prepared to elope with her. On her way, Meet hears Bhagwat Katha.

On her journey, she encounters a woman and her baby whom she and Meet Ahlawat once rescued from terrorists. After speaking with her, Meet changes her mind. She decides to extend her stay in Sarkarpur to eradicate the prevalent gender inequality there.

Sarkar informs Yashoda and Manmeet that Meet must leave Sarkarpur and Sarkar Mahal. Gunwanti asserts that Anuja is not in her room and questions whether or not she stole Sarkar’s money. Yashoda and others investigate.

Meet and Anuja were discovered in the room.
Meet lies that she stole money from Sarkar and was attempting to flee when Anuja apprehended her. A flashback depicts her and Anuja joining hands. Meet blackmails Yashoda later.

In the upcoming episode, Sundari becomes terrified upon learning the hospital incident. She is grateful to God for saving Anuja through Meet. The Sarkar family sends Gunni to determine who between Swapna and Imarti is carrying a boy.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Meet on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and this space.