Meet Upcoming Story: Will Bilawar trap Sumeet in his new plan?


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Zee TV Entertainment’s long running Meet which shows how woman can fight for own rights is currently showing Sumeet daughter of Meet, trying to find Shlok and bring him back from Pakistan.

In the previous episode Sumeet confronted Naaz for stealthily clicking the pictures. Naaz tells that she is videographer and has been permitted by her ministry to cover the event. She introduces herself as Naaz and shows her identity card. Sumeet calls Naaz as her younger sister and both of them wish for peace and love between the nations.

Naaz and Sumeet collide and both there lockets get entangled. Shlok lies about one of his friends in Pakistan falling in love with girl from India and he wants to cross the border to marry her. Dadu suggests him to meet Kafur who can help him.

Shlok meets Kafur and requests him to help arranging for going to India but the latter asks for 10 lakhs in advance. Someone comes for singing and Sumeet hopes it Shlok but it turns out to be someone else.

Bilwar comes there and provokes Sumeet by saying Shlok has been arrested and smirks seeing Sumeet leaving the event place. In the upcoming episode we will see if Bilawar succeeds in fooling Sumeet to trap her and use as bait to catch Shlok too.

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