Meet Upcoming Story: Will Meet change her decision of joining the Police force,?


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Zee TV’s popular show Meet is witnessing an interesting track where Meet receives a threat note.

As reported earlier it’s shown Tej told Sunaina that they can adopt Ram and Lakhan but she refused to adopt them stating they won’t gel with their family. Meet Ahlawat challenged Duggu that he will color Meet first. Next morning Meet Ahlawat noticed the color on his cheek and he runs out to apply color to Meet. He saw Duggu, Ram, and Lakhan applying color to Meet. They teased him saying he lose. Meet Ahlawat felt bad. Meet made him normal by telling him he was the one who applied her first. He chased her and applies the color. Then Tej took Meet Ahlawat with him to drink Thandai.

Meet noticed a gift for her on the table with her name and she found a white saree and a threat note which mentions if she joins the police force then she will see the death of her husband in Holi celebrations. Meet got shocked. Ram thought she has to change her decision of joining the Police force.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness that Meet Ahlawat will dance with Meet but she couldn’t join him completely because of fear and she observes everything in suspicion. Ram will sign his man who takes the Color packet from his drum. Meet sees a man is going near Meet Ahlawat and runs to save her husband.

Will Meet leave to join the police force to save Meet Ahlawat? Can Meet to find out about Ram’s crimes?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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