Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara Upcoming Story: Shivam Misunderstands Sajeeri, Urmila Accuses Sajeeri of stealing the Necklace

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Star Plus’s show Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara is garnering views with it’s interesting twists and turns. The High Voltage Drama is able to sustain the Drama.

Shivam gets an important call where he has a Meeting but Sajeeri doesn’t let him go and keeps sticking to him to which he asks her to Sleep and obey him.

Shivam doesn’t see a way to get out of there to which he decides to make her sleep and helps her sleep by making her sleep like a Child.

Shivam then leaves from there as he has the Meeting but Urmila who has come there has already seen them getting close to each other and gets Furious.

 Urmila Humiliates Mandira

Urmila comes to Mandira and tells her that her Punishment is over and asks her remove the Box to which Mandira gets Excited hearing her words.

Mandira removes the Box expected a Reward from her but Urmila Slaps her and rubs Ashes on her face. She tells her that because of her they are getting close to each other.

Urmila tells Mandira that Shivam already doubts her and soon she will be out of the House if it continues. Shivam in the other hand Misunderstands Sajeeri.

Urmila shows a necklace to Sajeeri. Sajeeri sees the Cupboard is open and closes it. Anjali thinks she stole it and tells Urmila. Shivam denies to trust Sajeeri after Urmila accuses her.

What will happen Next?

What will Sajeeri do?

Stay Tuned to for the Latest Updates..

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