Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara Upcoming Story: Urmila finds Sachi decides to Manipulate into the Rich Life to oust Sajeeri

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Star Plus’s show Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara is garnering views with it’s interesting twists and turns. The High Voltage Drama is able to sustain the Drama.

Shivam gets worried as the Police comes to Urmila and tells her that they are going to arrest her today. They tells her that she failed to prove her innocence.

Before they could arrest her, Sajeeri comes there with the Boys and tells the Officers that they real culprits are here. The Boys tells the Officers that they bought the Gun.

The Boys tells them that they are ready to surrender themselves to the Police. They tells him that Sajeeri made them understand their Mistakes.

 Mandira Locks Sajeeri

The Police praises Sajeeri while she asks the Boys to give the gun and the credit card to the Police. She requests them not to do such a thing again.

Urmila mocks Sajeeri for escaping from the Room and lashes out at her. Sajeeri gets unconscious while Shivam and Nalini holds her on the right Time.

They realise that she has a Fever. Urmila and Vikram sees Shivam taking care of Sajeeri and decides to search for Sachi to bring her back.

Mandira locks Sajeeri in a Box and decides to export her. Later Urmila too finds Sachi and decides to show her the Rich Life to manipulate her. She decides to use her to oust Sajeeri.

What will happen Next?

What will Sajeeri do?

Stay Tuned to for the Latest Updates..

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