Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 21st June 2024 Written Update: Mandira steals the necklace.

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 21st June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Urmila showing all the expensive jewellery to everyone. Mandira and Anjali are shocked to see the necklace. Urmila tells everyone that her mother in law has given this necklace and tells me to give this to her capable daughter in law but Nalini doesn’t deserve it. Urmila tells everyone that she will give this necklace to her grandson’s wife. Anjali feels jealous because the daughter deserves nothing in this house.

Nalini and Saajeeri start cleaning the house. Saajeeri finds that the temple’s wall paints are getting damaged. Saajeeri tells Nalini that she will paint the wall. Saajeeri went to take the paint from the store room but she saw the wardrobe is open so Saajeeri went to lock the wardrobe. Anjali sees that Saajeeri is in Urmila’s room. Anjali asks Saajeeri that what she is doing. Saajeeri tells Anjali that she has locked the wardrobe. The paint falls on the floor. Mandira comes out of the room who has taken the necklace. Mandira’s leg gets into the paint.

Urmila tells Nalini that the jeweller is coming to polish the necklace so she opens the box and finds her necklace is missing. Urmila starts yelling at everyone that her necklace is missing. Urmila tells everyone to check everywhere and she went to check in her room but she didn’t find the necklace there. Urmila alleged Nalini for stealing her necklace but she tells her that she has not taken the necklace then she alleged Anjali but Anjali defends herself and tells Urmila that why she will take the necklace because she is the daughter of Mukadam’s. Anjali tells Urmila that she knows which has taken the necklace and she takes the name of Saajeeri. Urmila starts yelling and humiliating Saajeeri because she belongs from a slum area who hasn’t seen this expensive necklace in her whole life.

Saajeeri tells Urmila that she has not taken the necklace. Urmila tells Anjali and Priya to check Saajeeri properly. Priya and Anjali find nothing from Saajeeri. Anjali tells Urmila that Saajeeri might give the necklace to her mother. Saajeeri tells Anjali that she can alleged her but not her mother. Urmila tells Shivam to call Supriya but Shivam reminds Urmila that Supriya is a heart patient. Urmila tells Shivam that she will get a heart attack if she doesn’t get the necklace back. Saajeeri tells Urmila to give her one chance to prove that she has not taken the necklace. Saajeeri shows Urmila that the paint has fallen in the room and some footprint is there on the floor. Saajeeri and everyone follow the footprint and they come to know that the prints end at Mandira’s room. Mandira is shocked to see her sandal with coloured with paint. Urmila tells Anjali to check Mandira’s room and she finds the necklace. Urmila tells Anjali to check it properly and Anjali finds that there are some other necklaces in the room. Mandira thinks that she has kept the necklace in the room and now it’s missing.

Precap-Urmila gives Saajeeri time to find the necklace otherwise Shivam will drop her to Maika forever.

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