Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 15th October 2021 Written Update: Raghav says to Esha his night with her is a mistake

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 15th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghav looks Esha is calling him which makes him agitated. He then receives a text from Esha to which he replies that he dont want to meet her so asks her not to call him and message him. He then receives a message. He gets frustrated then when he receives a call he thinks its Esha so asks not to call him but ACP replies that that’s not possible and asks him to come to the police station and she needs to talk about it. Raghav agrees. Sharda and Jaya talks to each other over a phone call. Jaya says to Sharda about Keerti’s pregnancy then she tells that she will prepare a SatyaNarayan puja and they all have to come to the puja. Sharda agrees. ACP Laxmi shows Raghav the video of him fighting with Sumit and asks who is that girl. Raghav says that he doesn’t know and asks ACP to show her a investigation notice or else she has no rights to question him. ACP tells Raghag there is something more to the story that’s why you aren’t answering but I will find out what its. Raghav leaves the place.

Pallavi opens the door for Raghav and tells him that someone is here to meet him. Raghav looks and gets shocked seeing Esha there. Esha says that Mr.Dasari wants to give him the papers also tell him about the clauses  Pallavi asks them to talk she will send them a coffee. Raghav and Esha goes to Raghav’s office room. Esha puts her hand on Raghav’s and tells him that she dont want to ruin the night by crying him to take her back because whatever happened she is happy with that. She also tells after so long the old Esha and Raghav met and the memory itself is enough to cherish for a life time. Raghav asks Esha is she lost her mind. He then tells him for him that night is mistake and the guilt which he will carry till his last breath. He also says that he is a married man and he loves his wife a lot infact that night also he imagined Pallavi only. Esha gets hurt and leaves the place. Pallavi comes to the office room  and asks Raghav about Esha to which Raghav says that Esha left. Pallavi asks him to have his coffee but Raghav says he is not in the mood and leaves the place. Pallavi gets worried.

Esha comes to her house and gets shocked seeing Sumit is there. She asks him how could he entered the house soon. Sumit shows her the duplicate keys and tells through these. He then asks Esha is she spending time with her boyfriend. Esha warns him to leave saying he has no rights on her because they were divorced. Sumit says priest announced them as a husband and wife for seven lives so nothing is going to change that especially some papers. He then asks Esha to give him money or else he will ask her boyfriend. Esha takes money from her bag and throws it on Sumit and asks him to leave. Sumit says to Esha that she insulted him for that he is going to teach the lesson. Esha screams. Pallavi says to Raghav that tomorrow is SatyaNarayan puja then she sees Raghav is already asleep so she goes and lies beside him. She then looks at Raghav lovingly and kisses his cheek and says Good night and lies beside him. She then goes and puts her head on Raghav’s chest.

 Raghav opens his eyes and recalls his night with Esha then holds Pallavi’s hand thinking dont know they can be the same after whatever happened that night with Esha. The next day Jaya and Pallavi arranges for SatyaNarayan puja. Jaya asks Pallavi is she told Raghav that they have puja today but Pallavi says no because Raghav is already asleep and he is acting weird since he returned from Warangal. Jaya says to Pallavi that Raghav must have seen something disturbing in Warangal but after this puja everything will be alright and asks her not to worry about it.

Pallavi asks Raghav to have breakfast but Raghav tells her that he is not feeling hungry. Keerti comes there and talks about young girls committing suicide after they have a breakup. Pallavi says that she is not supporting suicide but if anyone who loves the most did this to her then she wont forgive that person ever. Raghav gets shocked. He then receives a call from Mr.Dasari who asks him where is esha saying she is not answering her calls. Raghav gets worried and decides to check up on Esha so he tells Jaya and Pallavi that he has an important meeting and leaves.

Sunmy meets ACP and asks her why she called him. ACP asks Sunny do he know who is Esha Madhavan. Sunny thinks that he needs to be more careful so acts and says that he hears Raghav saying that name but don’t know about their relationship. ACP shows him the video of Raghav fighting with Sumit and tells him that Sumit is Esha’s ex husband and she wants the detail about Raghav and Esha’s relationship and gives him the address of Sumit. Sunmy gets happy and thinks that ACP doesn’t know what this meant for him and then assures her to let her know whatever information he gets and leaves. Raghav knocks Esha’s door and calls her. Esha makes the flower vase fall to the ground. Raghav hears the noise so he breaks the door and gets shocked seeing Esha is tied up. He helps her. Esha hugs him and says that she is scared and Sumit did this to her and cries badly. Raghav touches her shoulder and looks at Esha worriedl.

Precap: Esha asks Raghav to take her hand so that she will understand that he had feelings for her in his heart. Raghav refuses to do it but stops in his tteack before leaving the house. Pallavi hears the doorbell and opens the door and gets happy seeing Raghav but then gets shocked seeing Esha there. Raghav about to say something but Esha puts her hand on Raghav. Pallavi looks at their hand and asks Raghav what is all this. Raghav looks at Pallavi.

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