Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 26th November 2021 Written Update: Raghav thanks Pallavi for giving him a guilt free life

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 26th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sulochana apologises to Milind for not understanding and not listening to his words. She also said that she failed to understand her husband is her friend too. Milind asks Sulochana to leave it but Sulochana refuses saying let her talk today. Sulochana tells Amruta and Mansi that she always misguided them and always thought how to ruin others life and made them part of her mind games too without realising it will affect her daughters life. She also tells that Milind tried to make her understand whatever she is doing is wrong but she didn’t understand which ruined her daughter’s life too. She then tells now she realised her mistakes and she dont think she deserves to be with this family so asks them to be happy and decides to leave the house.

Milind asks her to stop and tells her that she realised her mistakes that’s what he wanted. She too deserves happiness in her life. Without her their life is incomplete. Milind then tells now he can able to say that she is the Sulochana who used to care about in the earlier days so asks her not to leave the house. Amruta tells Milind is right and tells Sulochana she completes them as a family. She also asks if she leaves then who will read her horoscope everyday. Mansi asks who will take her to the parlor. Milind and Sulochana smiles..Sulochana opens her arms. Amruta and Mansi hugs her. Milind also hugs Sulochana. Then they all looks at each other and smiles. Rajini thanks god. Esha leaves the house but gets stopped by Sumit.

Esha asks Sumit where he went last night after he called her ro which Sumit tells that its Raghav who made him disappear also says that they all are fooling her and he will tell her what’s their plan. Esha gets shocked. Jaya tells Sunny that she got to know through Raghav and Pallavi that he helped them Esha confess her crimes and thanks him. Sunny tells whatever he did against them compared to that this is nothing. Jaya tells Sunny that he realised his mistakes and wants to change that is more than enough. Sunny takes blessings from Jaya. Esha comes there with Sumit. She tells Raghav that not even once she thought that he will betray her like this. Eveyone gets shocked. She also accuses Sunny for fooling her but called her as his sister. Sunny tells Esha that he realised his mistakes and asks Esha to realise hers too and change her into a good person. Esha tells Sunny that he is a betrayer and he is asking her to change which doesn’t suits him at all.

Pallavi asks Esha if Sunny asking her to change herself into a good person doesn’t suit him because he once was a betrayer then who she is. Esha gets shocked. Pallavi tells that she took her to this house when no one is there for her yet she played a game which broke her and her relationship with her husband almost. She tried to snatch a women’s husband from her how it is right. She then tells Esha that she tells that she loves Raghav but because of what she did to him and made him believe Raghav started blaming himself for the things he has not even done. He went to a guilt trip and started creating distance between from him and his family. She then filed a false rape case on Raghav just to get him. If she even realised that there are so many women in this country falls victims to rape and they are trying hard to prove that and here she made this as a fun. She has to be ashamed of herself. Raghav tells Esha that being a women what she did today will make others who truly become victim to the rape will get questioned and they have to prove themselves with so much difficulties and she has to be ashamed of what she did. He then tells that police must be on their way because he already sent her confession video. Esha and Sumit gets shocked. They all hear the police vehicles siren. The inspector comes there.

Raghav tells the inspector that she is Esha Madhavan who he knows well because she is the one who filed a false rape case on him and he sent the video of her confession too. He then tells Sumit is her crime partner. The inspector tells Esha to be ashamed of what she did. He also tells that he will make sure he gets a severe punishment for what she did. Raghav plays the video where Esha confesses that she did all this to get back to Raghav. The inspector asks the other officers to take Esha and Sumit from here. Esha stops and tells that whatever now she is going to tell no one is going to believe it but she is going to tell it anyway. She then tells that she is ashamed of what she did to get back to Raghav. She is not like this but her stubborn and obsessive nature made her do this. She also tells she always felt that she is doing a wrong thing but ignored it. She then apologises to RaghVi then goes with the cops. Raghav hugs Pallavi.

Raghav tells Pallavi that he used to live a guilty life and hates him the most. It all started when he lost his father and brother and he is the reason behind that. He then starts hating himself after Esha left him. After Pallavi came in his life and he thought he is going to change once again Esha entered. After that night in Warangal he is ashamed of himself thinking that he betrayed his wife and started hating himself for it because he is so used to it. He then tells that after Pallavi entered his life he started learning how to love theirself first. Self love is important and now he loves himself and having a peaceful and guilt free life and it’s all because of Pallavi and thanks her. Pallavi gets emotional. Raghav and Pallavi hugs each other. The Rao’s geys happy. Sunny coughs when both Raghav and Pallavi are still hugging each other which made them to pull away. Jaya asks them to freshen up then they can have dinner so they all goes to their room. Jaya looks up and tells that his son is happy also his daughters life is also settled and she is happy too and she Hope’s he is happy too.

Pallavi tells Raghav that she wanted to tell this downstair itself but she is uncomfortable and tells Raghav that she loves him the most. She also tells that because of him only she become a fearless person. After her first marriage in order to please others and the society she decides to live up to their expectations and starts forgetting who she is but its him who made her realise that they have to overcome the fear they had in which only they can be happy. She then thanks him and kisses his forehead. She tries to leave but Raghav stops her and kisses her then tells she told so many thank yous and he will reply welcome in this style only and calls her Mrs.Pallavi Raghav Rao. He then asks her to come downstairs to have food and leaves the room. Pallavi looks at him then smiles.

Precap: Raghav and Pallavi comes downstairs where the whole family is waiting for them. Raghav and Pallavi Pallavi performs the ritual of marriage. Raghav fills Pallavi’s hairline and made her wear Mangalsutra.

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