Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 27th November 2021 Written Update: Deshmukh’s and Rao’s gets happy for RaghVi’s reunion

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 27th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sulochana and Milind gives Rajini her favorite food which she asked for Milind. Rajini tells that she is not serious about this. Milind tells Rajini that they are Maharastrians and they will take this seriously. Sulochana asks Rajini to have the food. Rajini eats the food then thanks them and leaves the house. In RR mansion Sunny packs the things. Keerti comes there and asks him what is he doing. Sunny tells Keerti that they are going to their house. He rented a new house which is nearby RR mansion and whenever she wants to she can visit her family. Keerti gets emotional. Sunny tells Keerti that he will soon buy a new house and they can live there happily. He also thanks Keerti for giving him a second chance. Keerti tells Sunny that he proved that he deserves this chance and she ans their child is proud of him also he proved himself as a best father.

Sunny tells Keerti that she is the best mother of their child. They both looks at each other lovingly and hugs. In Deshmukh’s house Amruta and Mansi thanks Milind for giving them their mom back. Milind tells that he is worried about Pallavi dont know what happened. Amruta receives a message from Pallavi in which it states that Esha got arrested and they are happy. Hearing this the Deshmukh’s gets happy. Sulochana asks Mansi to bring the aaarti plate saying they will thank God through a puja. Mansi agrees and goes inside. Sulochana asks Amruta to switch on the music system and play the bhajan.

Amruta goes towards the music system but Milind tells that they will thank god in Pallavi’s style. Sulochana and Amruta looks at him confusedly. Milind switches on the music system and takes the aarti plate from Mansi’s hand and starts doing aarti. Everyone looks happy. In RR mansion Jaya asks Sunny and Keerti to not to go anywhere and stay in this house only. Sunny and Keerti tells to one another to make Jaya understand why they are taking this step.

Raghav and Pallavi comes there. Jaya informs them that Sunny and Keerti is leaving the house. They both asks them not to leave to which Keerti tells that the rented house is nearby RR mansion only so they can meet more often. Sunny tells that he dont want to be a burden also he wants to start their life from the scratch. Keerti tells them soon they will buy a new house. If Sunny’s tattoo shop doesn’t goes well then he will do some other job. Pallavi tells Keerti that its not necessary to stay in a rented house too. Jaya tells that’s what she is telling them but they aren’t listening.

Raghav tells Keerti that if she truly wanted to leave this house he won’t stop her but if there is any other reason then asks her to stop it. He also tells who said a girl can’t live with her parents and family after she gets married.

This is also her house. She has equal rights as him. If their dead brother Arjun was alive now he will stay in this house with his wife and family then why not she. Pallavi agrees with him. Keerti tells that she and Sunny will stay with them. Everyone gets happy. Pallavi tells Keerti if Sunny wants a job he can apply for Raghav’s company or in her shop where vacancies are available. Sunny tells that he dont want an offer or recommendation especially when he decides to stand on his own. Raghav tells that he didnt because a business tycoon by giving people work like this. He can submit his documents and if he is suitable then his team will offer him a job or else he will help him to find a new job.

Sunny thanks Raghav and tells him that if he needs any help he will ask him. Jaya tells that she is happy because after so long they all are here staying as a family so she wants to celebrate it. She asks Pallavi to invite the Deshmukh’s for the dinner. Pallavi says okay also tells that she will cook all the dishes. Keerti offers a help but Pallavi asks her to unpack her things first. Jaya Keerti and Sunny leaves the place. Raghav stops Pallavi from leaving and tells her is she forget that she needs to say more thank you and they have to continue whatever they left behind. Pallavi looks at the kitchen to which Raghav asks Pallavi to not to worry saying the workers will handle everything.

Pallavi blushes. Raghav asks her to come to their room after she give the cook what they have to cook for dinner and leaves the place. Pallavi goes to her room and gets upset thinking Raghav is asleep. She calls him but gets no response so she removes the blanket but gets shocked seeing the pillows there. Pallavi turns around but Raghav comes there and closes her eyes. He then gives her an envelope. Pallavi gets emotional when she sees the application form to joing a fashion design course.

Pallavi thanks him. Raghav tells her that he told she will thank him right. Pallavi goes near him and puts her hand on Raghav. One of the worker comes there and asks Pallavi what they have to cook. Pallavi pulls away from Raghav and tells that she will inform them so the worker leaves. She then looks at Raghav who asks her is she don’t want to leave him no problem he will help her cook in the kitchen. Pallavi gets happy.

In the kitchen Raghav and Pallavi decides to cook both Telugu and Maharastrian food. Pallavi decides to cut the vegetables. Raghav goes to take the attta but it falls on him so Pallavi makes fun of him. Raghav pulls her closer to him and tries to kiss her but again gets interrupted by their worker which annoys Raghav.

Pallavi smiles and asks him to go and change his clothes. Raghav agrees and leaves the place. Later Jaya asks Sunny to teach her a punjabi dance. She and Sunny dances together. Deshmukh’s comes there. Amruta praises Jaya’s dance. Milind tells that he is happy for RaghVi. It’s a happy ending. Jaya tells its the new beginning. Milind asks where is the hero heroine. Mansi tells that their RaghVi is here. Raghav and Pallavi comes down wearing traditional clothes.

Pallavi tells Sulochana that she is happy she become the person who she used to be. Sulochana tells her that she will bother her whenever she visits her by asking her to cook favorite dish. One of the worker brings hawan. Keerti asks Raghav what is this for. Raghav tells that he will tell. He then turns around and tells Pallavi the first time they got married its full of hatred so they can’t able to fulfill the vows they have taken during their marriage so he wants to marry her again because this time it’s going to be filled with love. He kneels down and asks Pallavi is she ready to become Mrs.Raghav Rao again.

Pallavi gets emotional and nods her head yes. Raghav and Pallavi takes pheras holding each other’shand. Their first marriage also shown in a flashback. Raghav then fills her hairline with vermilion and makes her wear Mangalsutra. He then promises to give her a happy life. Eveyone gets happy. Amruta tells on this happy occasion they have to take a selfie. Everyone agrees. Raghav holds the phone and clicks the selfie of the whole family where everyone looks happy.

The end.

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