Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 29th September 2021 Written Update: Raghav determines to change himself for Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 29th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with ACP tells Keerti that she is sure Raghav is here so she needs to search the whole house. Raghav comes there and tells that he is here and he and what she wants from him and asks her to tell the reason why she came here. ACP tells Raghav that she is here to take the diamonds which he smuggled from the custom office. Raghav asks ACP the proof. ACP tells Pallavi is the proof who saved him from her also she get shot by her and she knows he won’t go anywhere with Pallavi because she will find them so Pallavi must be here taking treatment in this house. Raghav asks ACP to stop watching dramas and asks ACP will he leave his wife in that said condition of her’s and talk to her in a calm way.

ACP asks Raghav to stop his drama and asks the officer’s to search RR mansion. Raghav stops them and asks do they have search warrant if not then they have to get that first because his house is not a public garden. ACP tells Raghav that she will come here with a search warrant and find Pallavi then leaves the house. Keerti asks Raghav what ACP is saying but Raghav asks Keerti to ignore ACP’s non sense then leaves the place. Sunny thinks to himself that he is the one who saw Raghav leaving the office and informed ACP but how come Pallavi get shot if whatever ACP told is true then he is sure Raghav must be bring Pallavi here and giving treatments to Pallavi in this house and he needs to find about that.

Raghav enters the room where Pallavi is getting treatment and asks the doctor about Pallavi’s condition who tells that they have to wait for twenty four hours if she become conscious then they can’t save her. Raghav goes and sees Pallavi and cries nearby her bed. Doctor asks Farhar to buy medicines. Raghav tells that he will be back and leaves the room. He goes to Deshmukh’s house and asks Sharda to go with him. Sharda asks Raghav is Pallavi is okay Raghav doesn’t reply so she agrees to go with him and warns Vijay to not to argue with her when Vijay about to say something then leaves with Raghav. Sulochana asks what’s happening here. Sunny wonders where Raghav must kept Pallavi then he sees the door so he enters the room and gets shocked seeing Pallavi’s treatment is going on. Sunny thinks that means ACP is right. Raghav comes there and asks Sunny what is he doing here. Sunny mocks him for being such a story teller also calls him criminal. Raghav warns Sunny to not to tell anyone about this and when Sunny doesn’t listen he gets into a fight with him.

 Sharda asks Raghav to stop. Farhad comes there and separates Raghav and Sunny. Raghav asks Farhad to lock Sunny in a room. Farhad takes Sunny put of the room. Sharda then sees Pallavi’s condition and cries. Raghav tells Sharda that she can only able to save Pallavi if she don’t wake up then its difficult to save her. He then breaks down infront of Sharda saying it’s supposed to be him who has to be in this bed also how he didnt listen to Pallavi’s words made him today go through this all. Sharda tells Raghav that its their loved one’s who will pay for their deeds and then tells Raghav that she is going to the temple to pray to god until then asks Raghav to take care of Pallavi. Farhad warns Sunny to not to go against Raghav’s wish but Sunny mocks him and when Farhad threatens to shoot sunny makes fun of him which lead Farhad to shoot near by the wall. Farhad warns him again and takes his mobile and locks him in the room then leaves the place. Sunny gets angry.

Raghav asks Farhad to give the diamonds to the police station. Farhad says that he will ask one of their men to do that also he warns about the losses. Raghav tells Farhar that he knows well but he wanted to be the Raghav who Pallavi wants to him so he will stop doing all the illegal activities then he goes to the room where Pallavi is and asks her to wake up saying that he decided not to do any illegal activities so she needs to wake up now. Milind asks Vijay where is Sharda to which Sulochana tells that Raghav took her with him and they don’t know for what reason. She then tells that they can asks Farhad but Milind warns her not to talk to Farhad then leaves the place.

Vijay gets confused. ACP asks the officer to follow her after she gets an order to search RR mansion. Keerti worries about Sunny’s whereabouts then she gets shocked seeing ACP who gave her the search warrant and tells Raghav wanted this and asks the officers to search the whole house. Raghav hears the noise so he comes out and gets shocked seeing ACP.  The officers informs Pallavi is not anywhere. ACP then sess the room where Pallavi is and questions. Raghav asks ACP to not to go nearby the room. ACP tells that she has a habit to do what someone asks her not to do so she will search that room and signals other cops who holds Raghav. Then one of the officer opens the door. Raghav escapes himself from the cops and goes to stop ACP. They all enters the room in a same time. Raghav Keerti and ACP looks shocked.

Precap: Raghav comes to the room Pallavi is in in a drunken state and tells her that he is nothing without her so asks her to wake up. Doctor gets worried when the pulse of Pallavi increases so they treats her. Raghav worriedly looks at Pallavi’s condition. Doctor then informs Raghav that he can’t able to save Pallavi. Raghav gets shocked and shouts then goes to Pallavi and asks her to wake up also not to leave him.

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