Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 4th August 2021 Written Update: Vijay begs Raghav to send Pallavi to the Deshmukh’s house


Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 4th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pallavi thinks about Raghav’s confession while cooking she then thinks about the happy moments they shared together. The food gets burnt one of the worker shows it so Pallavi leaves that to cut onion and thinks about Raghav’s words how much he worried about her the other day then cuts her finger. Raghav sees it and asks the worker to bring a first aid box and asks Pallavi to show the cut. Pallavi asks Raghav what he is even going to do if the wound is visible and leaves the place. Raghav sees the blood which fall to the ground. The worker informs Jaya that someone is here to see Pallavi. Jaya sees its Vijay so asks him to wait then goes to bring Pallavi.

Vijay asks Pallavi to come to the house saying that Mandar fell ill and now the doctor said without Pallavi by Mandar’s side they can’t save him so asks Pallavi for the sake of the relationship they had come to the house. Pallavi gets shocked. Raghav tells Vijay to take Mandar to some new hospital Pallavi wont come with him anywhere. Vijay tells Raghav that he do know whatever he done to him he dont even deserve to ask help but he will do anything even clean his feet and drink the water then holds his leg.

Raghav asks Vijay to clean his feet then he will think whether to send Pallavi with him or not. Pallavi asks Raghav is he crazy why he is asking Vijay to do this. Raghav tells because Mandar is just acting. Pallavi gets angry and tells Raghav that she believes in humanity so she is going with Vijay to take care of Mandar and when Raghav comes out of his insecurity he can talk to her that time unless until asks Raghav to not to contact her then leaves the place. Raghav says why Pallavi isn’t understanding anything. Pallavi comes to the Deshmukh’s house.

Dr.Ramaiya scolds Pallavi for leaving Mandar but Pallavi says that she leaves her family to take care of Mandar this is all only she can able to do. Dr.Ramaiya then asks Pallavi to stay with Mandar or else he will go into coma. Pallavi enters Mandar’s room and tells that she is here to take care so he dont need to worry then leaves the place. Mandar opens his eyes. Raghav goes crazy in his room then he receives a call from Mandar which makes Raghav furious.

Mandar tells that he won the challenge also even when Raghav died Pallavi wont come to see him he will make sure of it saying Raghav’s love story ended and Mandar’s love story restarted them disconnects the line. Raghav decides to bring back Pallavi but Jaya stops him and advices him to have patience saying that his insecurities are making him do wrong things but he has to let Pallavi to do what she wants or else he will lose her. Raghav tells that Mandar isn’t a good person. Jaya tells Raghav that soon the truth will come out so asks Raghav to be patience.

Sharda goes to Pallavi who sits in the steps and asks her how long she is planning to stay here. Pallavi tells till Mandar recovers fully. Sharda tells Pallavi that she dont even have to stay here to take care of Mandar. Vijay comes there and puts Pallavi’s hand on his head then demands her to promise him that she will not leave the house until Mandar fully recovers. Pallavi Sharda and Milind gets shocked. They pleads Pallavi to not to promise Vijay also asks Vijay to not fo force Pallavi like this. Pallavi gives in and promises that she wont leave the house till Mandar fully recovers. Vijay thanks Pallavi then leaves the place.

Pallavi cries. Raghav drinks and thinks about his happy moments and the fight he had with Pallavi also Jaya’s advice them calls Pallavi. Pallavi answers Raghav’s call. Raghav pleads Pallavi to listen to him and says that he dont even realised that he became a insecure person and hurt you by doing such things so forgive me. He then says to Pallavi tbat that the house is not the same so asks Pallavi to come back soon. Pallavi cries and says to Raghav that she will be with him only then tells Raghav that she will return once Mandar recovers. Raghav requests Pallavi to come back soon then disconnects the call. Both Raghav and Pallavi cries.

Precap: Pallavi tells Mandar that she is making Kheer for Raghav. Mandar meets Sunny and Sunny gives something to him. Keerti asks Sunny what is Mandar’s plan. Sunny tells whatever Mandar planned is going to change everything. Mandar mixes the powder in the Kheer. Later Pallavi dances with few women. Then she goes to feed Raghav the Kheer. Mandar smirks.

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