Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story: Raghav’s falls ill because of Esha


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In viewers favorite show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali the Rao’s along with Deshmukh’s decides to celebrate the Karwachauth. Raghav also fasts for Pallavi and gifts her a saree. Esha falls into Sunny’s words and decides to go back to Raghav’s life thinking Raghav is in a forced marriage with Pallavi. Now it will be interesting to see what will Esha do next to come in between Raghav and Pallavi? Will Raghav and Pallavi get to know Esha’s intentions?

In the current track it show that Pallavi invites Sharda and the family to Karwachauth puja saying Sunny’s family does this so Keerti wants them to do this. Sharda agrees also she tells that she is happy to see her as a married women also having such a beautiful family. Raghav thinks about Esha and Pallavi’s words and wonders is Esha is right. He then thinks that whatever Pallavi doing is for his betterment only. He then sees Sunny is in the middle of the road who tells Raghav about the puja also they have to gift their wives. Keerti tells the importance of each part of this puja also its meaning. Pallavi and Jaya gets happy hearing that.

Pallavi then sees Esha and thinks that her behavior towards Esha earlier is rude so she calls her and asks is she also keeping the fast but before she could reply they gets interrupted by the doorbell. Deshmukh’s ladies comes to the house for the puja. Sulochana asks is Esha is also keeping fast to which Jaya tells she is divorced so she is not. Raghav comes to the market and asks the worker to show him the best saree. He also refuses to even drink a glass of water thinking that he will also keep this fast to make Pallavi happy in the future. Milind meets Rajini who gives him pamphlet saying that she provides food which shocks Milind but before he could ask something she disappears. Pallavi in her room thinks which saree she is going to wear.

Raghav enters the room saying that he bought her a saree for her puja and apologises to her for his behavior. Pallavi tells that she is happy to have him in her life and this the uniqueness of their relationship. She then gets happy when Raghav reveals he is also keeping fasting for her so she hugs him and calls him the best husband. Raghav thinks to himself that he will try to be best husband. Sunny and Esha watches everything from outside. Sunny manipulates Esha saying that Raghav is doing all this to get the love he deserves.

Esha leaves the place. Sunny smirks and tells that his plan get succeed. Later Keerti asks Pallavi why there is only five plates when there is six people. Pallavi tells tells that she kept six plate and wonders where the sixth plate. Esha in her room looks at Raghav’s photo and tells that he dont have to please to get the love he deserves. She is keeping this fast for him to be happy. Pallavi comes downstairs and signs at Raghav I Love you but before Raghav signs back priest calls them. After the puja is over the priest asks them break their fast as per the rituals. All the ladies goes to the terrace ans performs the ritual. Pallavi feeds Raghav water then when Raghav about to feed Pallavi the water Esha from far thinks that she has to make sure that Raghav break her fast first and help him get rid of his forced marriage and pushes the flower pot from its place which falls and breaks into pieces.

Everyone gets shocked hearing the sound and looks at the place where from the sound is coming. Raghav Pallavi and Sunny looks at something and gets shocked.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pallavi will ask Esha that she know how to cook this dish. Esha will say yes. Pallavi will instruct Esha to not to add moong dhal. Esha will agree. During breakfast Raghav will get angry when Pallavi will say the food is cooked by Esha. His health will deteriorate which worries everyone. Jaya will ask who put moong dhal in it Raghav is allergic to that. Pallavi will ask Esha why she add moong dhal when she mentioned specifically not to do that.

Esha will look at Pallavi.

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