Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story : Sharda to learn about Mandar’s true intention?


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In viewers favorite show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Pallavi goes to the Deshmukh’s house to take care of Mandar when Vijay pleads her and Raghav that she can only able to save Mandar now. Raghav gets upset and angry but decides to have patience after Jaya advices him. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen when Pallavi learns that Mandar did this drama to bring her to the Deshmukh’s house? Will Raghav stop Mandar from getting closer to Pallavi?

In the current track it shown that Pallavi thinks about everything that happened then cuts her finger seeing that Raghav goes to aid her but Pallavi refuses saying nothing is going to change the pain he gave her. Vijay comes to the RR mansion and pleads Pallavi to come to the house because the doctor says she can Only save Mandar now then begs Raghav to let Pallavi to stay in the Deshmukh’s house. But Raghav refuses saying that Mandar is acting so Pallavi tells Raghav that she is going to the Deshmukh’s house because she believes in humanity and leaves the place. Dr.Ramaiya scolds Pallavi for leaving Mandar’s side then tells that he may go to Coma so Pallavi decides to take care of Mandar. Mandar calls Raghav and says to him that he won the challenge and his Love story is restarting. Raghav gets furious and decides to bring Pallavi from the Deshmukh’s house but Jaya stops Raghav and advices him to have patience also stop being insecured.

Raghav tells that Mandar is acting Jaya asks Raghav to let him do whatever he do one day the truth will come out. Sharda tells Pallavi that she dont have to stay here in the house to take care of Mandar. Vijay forcefully puts Pallavi’s hand on his head then asks her to promise him that she wont leave until Mandar fully recovers. Sharda and Milind asks Vijay to leave Pallavi also asks Pallavi to not to promise but Pallavi gives in and promises to Vijay. Raghav thinks about all the good memories with Pallavi also the fight they had while drinking then he calls Pallavi and asks her to come to the house soon also apologises to her for hurting her just because he is insecured. Pallavi cries and says to Raghav that he dont have to insecure about anything because she will be back to him soon. Raghav requests Pallavi to come to the house soon. Then they both cries.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pallavi will make a Kheer for Raghav. Mandar will ask Pallavi what is she making. Pallavi will say to Mandar that she is making Kheer for Raghav. Mandar will get shocked. Mandar will meet Sunny and Keerti. Sunny will give him a packet. Keerti will ask Sunny what is Mandar’s plan. Sunny will say to Keerti that he dont know but whatever he planned is going to create a huge mess. Mandar will mix the powder in the Kheer which Pallavi made for Raghav. Pallavi will dance with few women. She will then goes to feed Raghav the Kheer. Mandar will smirk at them.

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