Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story: Sunny to blackmail Raghav?


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In viewers favorite show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Raghav feels guilty for spending a night with Esha also he ignores Pallavi. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen when the truth about Raghav and Esha’s night comes out? How will Pallavi react? Will Pallavi leave Raghav forever?

In the current track it shown that Raghav recalls his night with Esha then he stops his car and clutches his hair and falls to the ground. His other side asks him why he did this to himself and Pallavi also tells Raghav to not to say anything because he may lose her forever. Amruta tells Milind how she got her job then they both gets happy when Sharda informs them Raghav is safe. Sunny asks the receptionist about Esha and when he gets to know that Raghav and Esha spent a night together he gives more money to the receptionist and takes the paper from the register in which Raghav and Esha’s names are written.

Keerti tells Raghav that Pallavi and Sunny is in Warangal. Raghav gets shocked. Pallavi comes to the house and hugs Raghav saying she was worried about him. Raghav recalls his night with Esha so he pulls away from Pallavi saying he is tired. Jaya comes home and tells that Keerti told her everything. She then asks about Sunny to which Pallavi says that he asked her to leave saying that he has some important work to finish there. Esha comes to meet Raghav and thinks to herself that after whatever happened between them Raghav and she has to talk to each other. But she leaves when she sees Pallavi is there.

Sunny comes home and tells Keerti that their life is going to be more beautiful the way they dreamt of soon. Keerti gets confused but goes back to sleep. Pallavi sees Raghav is not sleeping beside her so she asks him to which Raghav tells her that he can’t able to sleep. Pallavi jokes that Raghav must have spent a night with the vamp which Jaya referring earlier. Raghav gets annoyed and asks Pallavi to not to joke like this again. Pallavi apologises to him then she tells him that he is her life and she is scared to lose him. She also tells that they can promise to each other that whatever fight they have they has to talk it out before end of the day also always trust one another no matter what happens but Raghav refuses to promise and goes back to sleep.

The next day Amruta meets Esha who instructs her what she has to do as an intern. Amruta then gets a call from her friend and asks her to confess her feelings to the guy eventhough he is dating someone else. Hearing that Esha thanks Amruta but the latter gets confused and asks for what reasons to which Esha says nothing. During breakfast Sunny asks Raghav to tells them about his Warangal trip to everyone. Raghav gets angry and leaves. Pallavi asks Sunny to act like a matured person as he is going to become a father also asks him not to interfere in her and Raghav’s life. Sunny smirks and thinks to himself that he needs to find what happened between Raghav and Esha at any cost.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Esha will go to meet Raghav. Raghav will say to Esha that she is his past but Pallavi is his present and future so asked to forget everything that happened between them that night. Esha will leave. Keerti will talk about how young girls are committing suicide after their break up.

Raghav will get worried about Esha so he will go to check up her but he will get shocked after entering Esha’s house.

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