Mehndi Wala Ghar 10th July 2024 Written Update: Rahul takes a stand for Vaibhav

Mehndi Wala Ghar 10th July 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mauli telling her people it’s Suprabha who helped Rati by calling Mahila Mandal. Rahul decides to inform the family members, but Mauli makes him understand it’s important for them to collect evidence against Rati. Mauli determines to expose Rati’s truth. She then shares her plan with her people. Manoj assures her to help Mauli along with Jyoti. Both Manoj and Jyoti leave from there. Rahul stops Mauli from leaving the place. He then takes her with him by closing her eyes. Mauli opens her eyes. She gets surprised but enjoys it too when Rahul showers her with flowers. Rahul then goes to Mauli. He then twirls her. Their closeness increases, and they both share an eye lock.

Rahul and Mauli are seen hugging each other. Mauli questions Rahul for pouring extra love on her to make her feel special. Rahul thanks Mauli for coming into his life and also teaching him about the value of love. He also says he will overcome all the hurdles if she is by his side. Mauli looks happy. Rahul moves his face towards her to kiss, but Saloni arrives there. She intervenes with them. She further shouts at Mauli for not even caring about the reputation of Janki maa and Mehndi Wala Ghar. Tanvi arrives there. Saloni informs her about Rahul-Mauli’s act even after everything that happened. Rahul shuts the mouth of Saloni by giving her a befitting reply. Tanvi gets furious, so she shouts at Rahul. Mauli tries to handle the situation, but Tanvi shouts at her, too. Rati arrives there. Both Mauli and Rati get into a heated argument. Janki maa arrives there. She takes the side of Rati, but Mauli tries to make her understand everything by giving her a polite answer.

Later, Tanvi informs Vijay about whatever happened earlier. Vijay gets furious. He decides to keep Rahul busy with work. Rahul arrives there. Vijay shouts at Rahul for his earlier act. He also forces Rahul to take responsibility for the hotel, which he is building for Vaibhav instead of wasting his time around Mauli. Rahul firmly refuses, saying that he can’t take away Vaibhav’s dream from him. Tanvi and Vijay try to convince him, saying that they can arrange something else once Vaibhav learns about hotel management. Rahul remains stubborn in his decision, saying that he can’t do this injustice with his twin brother, then he leaves. Vaibhav, who hears this all from outside, gets emotional.

Vaibhav assures Saloni about earning money to treat Guddi. All three of them share a hug. Later, Jyoti is in the market, who applies makeup to look like a sick person. She speaks with Mauli on the call about executing their plan. Mauli worries about Jyoti, but Rahul calms her down. Jyoti starts her acting seeing Suprabha and Vicky. Manoj joins Jyoti as per their plan. He pretends to be shocked by Jyoti’s medical condition. He also questions Jyoti. Jyoti tells him that she was with Rati the previous day. Manoj tells her whoever came in contact with her and Rati also face the health issues. Suprabha, who hears their conversation get shocked.

Precap: Mauli prays God to help her expose Rati’s truth. Later, Rahul and Mauli see Rati meeting Suprabha from their hidden place.

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