Mera Balam Thanedaar 17th June 2024 Written Update: Veer plans for a romantic date

Mera Balam Thanedaar 17th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bulbul apologizing to Sulakshana. She tells her that she didn’t break her promise. She didn’t ruined their family name. Varadha said that she already made Bulbul as Daughters-in-law no.1. She helped Veer in this case. She protected those girls identity and fight for the truth. Veer supports Bulbul in front of Sulakshana. Sulakshana says that she isn’t anger at her but she is disappointed with her. She just wanted a good wife for her son. They are happy for her victory. She won’t stop them. She leaves from there. Later, Bulbul worries about her age. She thinks that she might stay away from Veer for few months. Its good for both of them. Her ear rings hurts her. Veer helps her to remove it. She cries thinking about the consequences. She excuses him to cook the food but he stops her. He says that she don’t need to cook anything. She has to concentrate on her studies. She thinks that he is good person. She won’t allow anything wrong happens to him. Meanwhile, Drishti meets Sulakshana. She asks her why did she called her to meet her? Sulakshana says that she wanted to discuss something important matter with her.

Sulakshana says to Drishti that she wanted to choose her as her daughter-in-law. She thought she was right. She believes that she will be a good daughters-in-law to her. But it was her mistake. She was about to marry Veer but she eloped from the mandap. She adds that sometimes people’s do mistake. She did a mistake too. She wants to correct it. She believes that Drishti will support her too. Meanwhile, Veer taking class to Bulbul. She forgets most of the answers. He scolds her for it. She learns it while singing. She loses her balance. Veer holds her. Veer says to her that she will get hurt again. Bulbul says to him that Sulakshana is angry at her. She has to cook the food for everyone. Veer denied it. Bulbul excuses him to study with Varnika. Meanwhile, Sulakshana gives the family bangles to Drishti.

Sulakshana says to her that she didn’t give this bangles to Bulbul yet. She adds that she didn’t give it to her because she is angry at Bulbul. She believes that Drishti is an understanding girl. She can handle this family. She says that Drishti is the perfect daughter-in-law of this house. Drishti feels happy. She adds that she would like to fix her wedding with her son. Drishti gets happy. She thinks that finally her hardwork pays off. She is going to marry him. Sulakshana asks her if she ready to marry her son Vishesh. Drishti is shocked to hear it. She says that Vishesh is already married. He has a daughter too. Drishti strangles her neck and says that she needs Veer not Vishesh. She imagined it all. Sulakshana says that she talked with Geetha about it. She is a lawyer and beautiful. She will get many alliance. She can understand her situation. Drishti says that she needs some time to think about it. Later, Veer is cooking in the kitchen. Vaayu asks him to take Bulbul out for a date. She deserved it. The next day, Vaayu send Bulbul to meet Veer. Drishti thinks that she won’t allow them to enjoy this date. Bulbul admires the decorations. Veer sits on his kneel and gives the ring to her. Bulbul asks him why he is holding someone’s ring. He expressed his love for her.

Episode end

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