Meri Gudiya 10th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Meri Gudiya Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
Meri Gudiya Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Meri Gudiya 10th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The Episode Begins with Madhuri begging Krohini to Depart Avi. Krohini says do not try to make me emotional. Raghav and everybody look for Avi and get worried. Madhuri prays for Avi saved. Krohini says that I will fly away, but Avi will get burnt.

Madhuri closes eyes and prays. She has a protective shield around her and goes near the fire. She asks Krohini to give Avi to her. Krohini refuses. Madhuri says give me my daughter, else I will burn you in the flame. Krohini provides Avi to Madhuri. Madhuri says mumma has arrived, open your eyes. Avi says mumma. Madhuri takes her. Krohini burns in the flame. Raghav asks the authorities to locate Madhuri and Avi.

Rahu gets Avi to his location. He has stunned seeing some snakes coming. Avi asks where are you mumma… The snakes disappear. Rahu looks on. Adrika asks did new Madhuri do so. Raghav says no, Madhuri was not with us, Avi was with us.

Rahu says she’s the one, whom I had been discovering since million years, I got real Avi here with me and my Avi is with Madhuri, who’ll keep Madhuri participated in her magic. Raghav says don’t understand where is Avi. Madhuri says Avi is here. Everyone sees Avi. Maa hugs Avi and asks where did you proceed. Raghav also hugs Avi.

Maa asksMadhuri where were you, where did you get Avi. Madhuri says I was coming to temple for holika dahan puja, I met Avi on how, I knew you lost her, she wished to see puja, so I took her for puja and got her house, sorry, I should’ve called and told you. Sushma says no, we’re happy that you came home. Avi says sorry Ratri mumma. Everyone gets shocked.

Avi says I was supporting you and got lost. Ratri smiles and says its fine, you’ve come, everything is fine now. Madhuri asks Avi to come to her. She chooses Avi with her. Avi says good night Ratri mumma. Ratri says good night. Raghav gets surprised.

Adrika, Ratri and Raghav believe why did Avi call Ratri as mumma. Madhuri believes the same. She says its a huge thing, is there something I’m not understanding, what. Raghav gets a telephone. He says Rahul predicted, he went for a while for work purpose, he’ll come soon.

Its morning, everybody is seen preparing to play holi. Maa blesses Ratri and Avi. Avi sees Madhuri and calls out mumma. She states Ratri mumma got a brand new water gun for me. Madhuri smiles. She thinks something is wrong.

Shaurya greets Madhuri and wishes happy holi. He states you discovered Avi yesterday, so much altered in the home, do not know whom to honor, I came to do my duty, you’re my Bhabhi for me, come and enjoy with us. She says we need to do our duty, be it any circumstance, I will just come. Everyone plays holi. Adrika comes. She says sorry, its too much color, happy holi. Ratri yells colors at her and runs. Adrika runs after her. Raghav comes.

Ratri utilizes colors to Raghav and laughs. He also utilizes colors to her. Madhuri sees them and gets sad.

Avi shouts mumma and runs to Ratri. Shaurya wants Madhuri happy holi and applies colours to her face. Madhuri applies holi colours to him. All of them sing Holi khele…. .plays…. They play and dance. Madhuri utilizes colors to Avi and says happy holi. Avi scolds her. Everyone is shocked.