Meri Gudiya 11th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Meri Gudiya Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
Meri Gudiya Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Meri Gudiya 11th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The Episode begins with Madhuri blaming Ratri and inquiring what did she do with Avi. Ratri says you’ve gone insane, Avi got comfortable with me, everybody is pleased with me, you need to go from here. Madhuri says I’d have gone if this was true, I know this is a lie. Ratri says you’re seeing it as a fraud, why not go.

Madhuri thinks I’d come to rescue everyone from Rahu, did he do this. Avi wakes up and asks what is this place. Rahu says Madhuri will be finding you there, she does not know that you’re here, you will visit Madhuri, but you must do my job first, I’m your Rahul uncle. She says you are not my uncle. He says yes, I’m not Rahul, but Rahu, like your daddy takes you to various areas like circus, right, park, same way I’ll take you to different location, Pataak lok. She asks what is that. He says you won’t know, I will show you, its a fantastic location, will you come with me. She says fine. He asks her to come.

Madhuri prays and says I do not know what happened to Avi, I do not believe this is their real joy, I think its an illusion, I want Avi is fine, I do not understand why I’m not happy, something isn’t right. She prays. Rahu requires Avi to Pataal lok. Avi says there’s much fire here. Rahu says do not worry, you make me realize that door, I will send you to your mum. Avi says no, I must go to mumma. He thinks she’s also stubborn like her mother, I must trick her. Madhuri is sad. Raghav goes to her. She asks him to love with Avi. He asks her to come and dance.

Avi says let it be, we’ll dance with Ratri. Everyone dances. Madhuri gets snacks for Avi. Avi eats it and throws the snacks plate. Everyone gets shocked. Avi says its not great, do not you understand anything, my mumma used to cook nicely. She asks Ratri to make noodles for her. They leave. Madhuri cries.

Rahu says that your mum is happy. Avi says no, she can not be happy without me. He states that your mum got other Avi, do you wish to see. She nods. He shows her some chunk. He reveals Madhuri and Avi dance. Avi says I’m here, who’s there. He states other Avi, whom Madhuri enjoys over you, look how she’s playing holi with her, not you.

Avi says send me , I will do whatever you say, guarantee. He smiles. He says fine, I will eliminate that Avi and send you to your mum, do my little work, just make a bridge. She says I’m so little, how will I make a bridge. He says you’re young, but you can make a magical. He says that I will show you, I will throw this stone, it is going to fall down, even if you send this rock, then it won’t fall, it is going to float. Avi throws a rock. The stone floats. He says impossible.

They see a pillar coming from the fire. He laughs and says watch the magic. Madhuri says do not understand I’m doing right to uncertainty on Avi or not. She sees some other doll with Avi. She says what happened to Avi, Rahu did so, I thought that he got calm, but no, I must keep an eye on her. Ratri feeds Avi. Avi praises her. Ratri thanks her.

Avi says I wish to go on picnic. Raghav asks why this strategy suddenly. Shaurya says its not a bad idea, it is going to be some refreshment. Ratri asks how do we refuse to Avi. Madhuri says Avi will not go anywhere, she’ll remain with me in front of the eyes. Ratri says no, Avi will go and do what she wants, I’m Avi’s mum, I have a right to decide. Madhuri says no, Avi will remain here. Avi says no, I will go, you do not love me. Madhuri believes this can not be my Avi.