Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 13th March 2023 Written Update: Gaura is misunderstood


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 13th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Kanchan proposes to celebrate Holi at their house as Rekha died at this house not at hers. Ganga scolds her. Kanchan asks if she can take Rekha’s room as she is no more. Ganga scolds her by mentioning about Ramesh. Chanchal approaches Gaura. Gaura tells her that Rekha is there with her. Chanchal doesn’t understand her and says that she has changed. Pardesi informs Gaura that every year Som applies colours on Rekha first of all. Som comes there with Rekha’s asthi. He doesn’t let Gaura touch it.

Halchal calls Gaura bhabi no 2. Gaura gets clueless. Chandu manages the situation saying that Halchal is just crazy. Pandit tells Rekha’s family to keep Rekha’s asthi at the home for 10th day and drop it in river. He says that Rekha’s ghost will stay at the house for the next 10 days after that her ghost will leave the house. Rekha says that her ghost won’t go anywhere until her mission is accomplished. The Yamduts come to pick Rekha again. Rekha asks both to keep waiting as she has many works undone. She disappears.

One Yamduts prays for Rekha’s peace. Another asks him to not do this at Rekha’s ghost will not attain peace easily. Gaura wonders if she should sit at the puja or not. She wonders whom to make upset Rekha or Som. Rekha appears there and wishes happy Holi to Rekha. Gaura says it’s not happy Holi this year as Rekha has just died. Rekha asks Gaura to play Holi as it’s her first Holi after marriage and her death. She wishes to play Holi with Gaura this year. She says that Gaura has to play Holi with her. She disappears.

Gaura wonders what she will do now. Rekha brings a plate filled with colors to play Holi with her. Pandit asks Som to call Gaura. Som refuses saying he doesn’t need her. Pandit says it’s important. Rekha sings Holi special songs. Gaura asks her to not put colours on her as everyone will misunderstand her. Gaura tries to escape as the plate follows her. Rekha blows air. Gaura’s whole body gets filled with colors. She wishes her happy Holi. Rekha disappears. Gaura comes inside in that state. Rekha asks her to say bura na mano Holi hai.

Gaura repeats her words. Everyone sees her and gets shocked. Guests criticize her and call her shamelessness for playing Holi in this condition. Chanchal thinks if Gaura has lost her mind. Kanchan asks with whom she has played Holi. Rekha says with her. Som misunderstands Gaura and toungelashes her. He complains about Gaura to pandit ji.

He slams Gaura saying she doesn’t care about anyone as she just want her happiness. He says that he will perform the puja alone but will not sit beside Gaura. Gaura requests Som to not misunderstand her. She says that she didn’t put colours on herself but someone else did. She gears up to take Rekha’s name. Rekha plans to stop her from taking her name. She trips Gaura. Gaura falls on the floor and drops Rekha’s asthi by chance. Som gets shocked. The episode ends.

Precap – Gaura goes to washroom to take bath. Rekha says that Gaura doesn’t need clothes and steals them. Gaura informs Kanchan that Rekha has stolen her clothes. Kanchan informs Ganga that after death Rekha’s ghost is roaming inside the house. Ganga gets shocked.

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