Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 15th March 2023 Written Update: Gaura becomes thoughtful


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 15th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Rekha tells Gaura that she has to do her work. Gaura agrees. Ganga comes there. Rekha says attack and make Gaura fall on her feet. Ganga aaks Gaura to stand up as she already gave her blessings. Rekha asks her to remove the keys immediately. Gaura tries but in vain. Ganga goes to attend a call. Rekha criticises Gaura. Rekha gets an idea. She asks Gaura to bring scissor, cut the corner of Ganga’s pallu and remove the keys. Gaura follows her instruction and manages to get the keys. Chanchal comes to call Ganga.

Gaura hides the keys behind her back. Chanchal informs Ganga that a girl has come and calling herself the daughter in law of the house. Ganga wonders who has come. Rekha says that she must be Twinkle. Gaura wonders who is Twinkle. Chanchal refers to Gaura as if they are still the childhood friends. Ganga gets enraged. She asks Chanchal to apologise. Gaura says no need. Ganga says it’s important. Chanchal apologies to Ganga and leaves.

Ganga goes to meet the guest. Gaura wonders if Som has married anyone else too. Twinkle talks sitting infront of Rekha’s photoframe. Rekha tries to communicate with her but in vain. Gaura tries to approach Twinkle. Rekha pulls her ears. Ganga comes there and spots Twinkle. Rekha blows air on Gaura’s eyes. Gaura rubs her eyes. Rekha warns Gaura to not meet the guest. She orders Gaura to go to Ganga’s room and steal the jewlery. She tells the password to Gaura. Gaura goes to do her work.

Twinkle hugs Ganga and starts fake crying loudly for Rekha. She cries and says who will correct her mistakes now. Ganga thinks that Twinkle is crying for Rekha more than their entire family. Twinkle keeps crying and faints. Ganga asks Chanchal to help her. They make Twinkle lie on the couch. Rahul comes home and spots Twinkle. He sprinkles water on Twinkle. Twinkle comes back to her senses. Rahul says that he was scared. Twinkle says that she is fine now. She wonders that she did so much dramma but why Som has not appeared yet. She asks Ganga how this happened.

Ganga blames their fate/karma. Som comes out of her room. He gets a sound from Ganga’s room. Gaura unwillingly opens Ganga’s almirah and steals the jewlery. She plans to handover them to Rekha without any further delay. She again gets thoughtful about Twinkle’s identity. She hears the sound of footstep. She wonders if Ganga is coming. Gaura gets scared and hides herself under the bed. Som comes to Ganga’s room and calls her.

Gaura gets intimated thinking if she gets caught by Som he will write chorni on her hand. She keeps chanting Ram Naam. Rekha sees that Twinkle is dancing all of a sudden. She flies her dupatta in air to direct her towards somewhere. Som sees the door and windows are making noise suddenly. Chandu comes there and informs him about Twinkle’s arrival. He refers to Twinkle as his bhabi. Som says that Twinkle is not his bhabi aa he is married to Gaura. Chandu asks him to leave all these. He asks Som to come and meet Twinkle. The episode ends.

Precap – Twinkle tells Som that she is always there for him. Chanchal sees them while holding each other’s hands. Chanchal informs Gaura about it. Gaura doesn’t believe her and calls her a maid. Som and Twinkle share a hug.

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