Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 17th March 2023 Written Update: Rekha seeks Gaura’s help


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 17th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Laxmi sneaks into the kitchen secretly. She hears Ganga’s scream and gets intimated. Som asks Ganga what happened. Ganga says that her jewlery is stolen. She and Kanchan ask him to contact police. Som does the same. Gaura wonders about Rekha’s whereabouts. Rekha appears. Gaura fears that police will catch her red handed. Rekha makes Gaura raise her hands. Ganga asks her what’s wrong with her. Gaura says that she is not doing it wishfully. Kanchan doubts Rekha’s ghost. Laxmi decides to not stay there anymore. She wishes to leave after meeting Gaura.

Gaura asks God to save her. She feels that Harish will die if she gets caught. She feels that Rekha can make her a killer and terrorist too. Rekha sees that her hands are gradually disappearing. The Yamduts visit her. They say that they have come to pick her up today as Gaura is not around her. Rekha splashes water into their eyes. They rub their eyes. Rekha disappears. Rekha asks Gaura where she is heading towards. Rekha takes a bigger form and omits fire from her mouth. The Yamduts gets scared and disappear.

Gaura tells Rekha that she is intimated by police and asks her to spare her. Rekha says that she has some unfulfilled dreams and asks her to make them come true. Rekha asks Gaura to make her in laws understand her value, make herself prove unworthy for Som infront of Ganga and Kanchan and get Som married to Twinkle. Police search the house and says that no jewlery is found. They doubt that a family member is the thief or has helped the thief to steal the jewlery. Chanchal tells Pardeshi that she is scared as the servants are always doubted in such matters.

All the members of Shukla residence are summoned in the hall for further investigation. Laxmi catches Gaura. She asks Gaura about Ganga’s jewlery. She asks Gaura to give her a share. Gaura says that she has no clue about Ganga’s jewlery. Laxmi says that she feels Gaura has stolen the jewlery and asks her to accept the truth by giving her Harish’s swear. Police asks Som if all the members are present in the hall. Som says yes. Ganga, Kanchan notice that Gaura is missing. Police asks them to call Gaura.

Kanchan gears up to go and call her. Som stops her saying he will bring Gaura. He looks for Gaura. He enters his room and finds Gaura’s nose pin on the floor. He wonders about Gaura’s whereabouts. Gaura converse with Laxmi. Som comes there and asks her what she is doing there alone. Gaura says that she is going to take bath. Som asks Gaura to leave everything and come to the hall urgently. He informs Gaura that police has summoned her in the hall to ask her few questions. Gaura gets scared. The episode ends.

Precap – senior police officer visits Shukla residence and questions Gaura. She asks Gaura why she is looks so scared as if she is the one who has stolen the jewlery. Gaura agrees and says yes. Everyone gets shocked.

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